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Recent Posts by The Center for Sales Strategy:

What is a Target Persona and Why Do I Need One?

what is a target personaThere’s a great line from the hit show Friends that seems appropriate to any discussion of target personas. If you’re a fan, you may remember when the whole gang goes to Barbados in one of the later seasons, and Joey meets someone who doesn’t own a TV. Dumbfounded, he says: “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” 

Similarly, with inbound marketing (the process of attracting prospects to you), when someone doesn’t have a clearly defined persona we think, “You don’t know your target persona*? Who’s all your content targeted to?” While a TV isn’t necessary to make a room, a target persona is absolutely necessary for a successful lead generation strategy. 

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Did Your Needs Analysis Uncover A Need? One Need?

prospect needs analysis discovers desired business resultsCongratulations. You've conducted a needs analysis and discovered a need for a prospect (their desired business result) for a prospect. But, is that good enough? How many needs did you uncover? Surely a serious conversation with a prospect about current challenges, unrealized opportunities, hassles, and trends, would uncover multiple desired business results.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

dreamstime_xs_34443044As we welcome the New Year, a few of us at The Center for Sales Strategy were discussing some of our favorite blog posts from 2013.

We thought a great way to capture this information was to survey several of the contributors to The Center for Sales Strategy blog and asked them to provide their top posts from our blog as well as their favorite post from other blogs.  It was a difficult decision as we blog 4 to 5 times per week and cover multiple categories: Digital, Inbound, Management, Sales and Talent.

We would like to share these results with you so that you can see what’s on our mind and what we think will be important heading into 2014.   

Happy New Year and thanks for reading The Center for Sales Strategy blog.

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Top Ten Blog Posts from The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

Top_Ten_Blog_Posts_of_2013As 2013 comes to a close and we reflect on the blog posts that we have posted throughout the year, it’s always enlightening to see which were the most read and shared. Since we blog regularly about digital, inbound, management, sales and talent there are a lot of blog posts that could make this top 10 list, but of course, only 10 could make our list of top viewed blog posts of 2013.

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Five Articles That Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Topics: Digital

Top Articles to Help You Improve Sales Performance

sales strategyOne of the great benefits from a strong content marketing plan is that past blog articles can continue to be useful and help your target audience.

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Yikes! Your Sales Strategy Includes Surprising Your Prospect?

A surefire way to increase your closing ratio!Will the moment of truth be looming in the next meeting with your prospect—the meeting at which you look her in the eye, fingers crossed, and go for the close? 

Or, will this be the meeting where all you have to do is confirm the details to implement your solution—because your prospect already has a pretty good idea of what you’re bringing to the table?

Topics: Sales

Five Posts on Hiring and Managing Talent You Might Have Missed

Topics: Talent

Five Posts on Inbound Marketing You Might Have Missed

inbound marketingIt's been a big week for inbound marketing, with the HubSpot INBOUND13 conference taking place in Boston and a variety of new product announcements made that affect thousands of marketers. However, with all this buzz about inbound marketing you might still be wondering what exactly it is and whether or not it can truly help you reach your revenue goals.

Topics: inbound marketing

Five Posts on Needs Analysis You Might Have Missed

Needs AnalysisLearning how to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of each of your client and prospect's needs is a very popular topic on our blog. We've taken a look at some of our popular articles that will help you to conduct an effective needs analysis meeting so you can focus on developing customized solutions for your clients.  

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