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The Future of Sales and Marketing

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How Measuring Success is Different in Digital


Measuring the results of an ad campaign or a marketing push is important. How else will you know if the effort was a success, and if the investment produced a profitable return? In the old-media days, it was often tough to measure, causing uncertainty and frustration among both buyers and sellers.

In the digital age, I could argue that it’s gotten too easy.

It's Not All About Clicks

Clicks are insanely easy to count. The click-thru-rate quickly became a new gold standard, and the abbreviation CTR made it seem so official and valid. But what was it really measuring? And what does that metric have to do with the marketer’s goals? These are the issues I often find myself discussing when I lead digital-media workshops, but these questions are not discussed as often as they should be with prospects.

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How to Remain Relevant in a World of Automation


With the ever-growing desire for data-driven marketing and automation there’s equally an ever-growing abundance of people giving away their preferences and information. Businesses can take what used to be tasks delivered by people and offer up those same tasks delivered by technology. For example, the buying and selling of media inventory as well as the delivery of targeted offers at checkout are automated tasks that were once delivered by people.

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All Eyes on Digital—Increasing Digital Revenue a Challenge to Sales Managers

Biggest_Challenges_Blog_Post_6-1The total-revenue budget is historically a media property’s single most important measure of success. If that number is hit, the pressure to make some of the lesser targets is greatly relieved. But that pattern has been changing in recent years.  

Today, the digital-revenue budget is often the one that gets the most scrutiny—from the boardroom all the way down through the organization to the newest seller on the team. It’s not only because the total-revenue number is getting tougher and tougher to hit, but because everyone knows that revenue related to digital offerings represents the future, and most everything else is part of a past that is destined to decrease over time.

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How to Prove ROI in 2014

Proving_ROI_in_2014Over the past couple of months, I have read numerous blogs and articles regarding the increased focus from marketers on proving ROI in 2014. The stories have ranged from specific advertising platforms to overall marketing efforts.  The demand to prove a positive return on investment is high and difficult. Part of the challenge is that while marketers are looking at individual metrics for each platform they are utilizing, the consumer is typically being influenced and engaging with multiple platforms in their path-to-purchase. 

So how do you help to prove ROI in a world where consumers are more connected than ever? 

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I Bet You Didn’t Think About This With Native Ads

I_bet_you_didn’t_think_about_this_with_Native_AdsIf you work for a media company that sells digital advertising, you no doubt are following the buzz around Native Ads. There is an important point for all salespeople related to Native Ads that I don’t want you to miss. The dictionary shows several definitions for the word native. A few that are relevant for this conversation are; belonging to a person since birth, living or growing naturally in a particular region. 

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What Every Media Company Needs to Know About Inbound Marketing

inbound marketingThose of us that work in or around the media industry know that radio, TV, and newspaper are far from becoming dead advertising vehicles. Instead, the best and most innovative media companies have learned that it’s about evolving and finding new ways to not only get the attention of readers, viewers, and listeners but to uncover new methods of attracting and retaining advertisers as well. 

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Inbound Marketing 101: The Seven Steps to Lead Generation [Infographic]

Inbound marketing is all about providing personalized, relevant content to your target audience. Instead of pushing out interruptive messages that can easily be ignored, you should be providing educational and entertaining content that they are already searching for online. The power behind an effective inbound marketing program is that prospects and customers alike can opt to give you their contact information in exchange for the most premium content you provide. 

Inbound Marketing Infographic 01
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Digital Marketing: Social Media Can't Do These for Your Business

Top 3 Things Social Media Can't Do For A Business Or Brand"Things were so much simpler before Apple," says my 11 year old daughter after a recent panic attack over the thought of losing her Instagram followers and pictures. Her iPod Touch was a lemon and luckily under warranty, but the time between her device crashing and her logging back into her Instagram app was pure torture… for both of us!

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