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How to Close Sales Faster Than Ever Before

Everyone knows that sales is a numbers game, right? Of course! The more you have out there, the better off you are, so I’ll agree that sales is a numbers game. But, today I am going to argue that you may be looking at the wrong numbers.  

I’ll start by asking you, how many times have you heard or said: "Don't worry! I've got a lot out there pending!” C’mon—be honest! If you are like most people, you’re thinking that’s not so uncommon. 

I have to ask you, does anyone actually get paid on pending? Not anyone that I know. That’s the catch.

And that is also what tells me that you may be looking at the wrong numbers.  

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The Best Story I’ve Ever Heard for Overcoming Premature Price Questions!

moneyLet me create the scene: you’re meeting with your new prospect for the first time, and your goal is to build rapport and begin a needs analysis that will build your credibility as an expert in your field, and as someone who really cares about their business. You want your prospect to believe you’re someone who can truly help them solve their complex business problems. To accomplish this, you intend to metaphorically put yourself behind your client’s desk to uncover key challenges and prime opportunities their business is facing so that you may become their partner and work with them to create customized solutions. You’re completely prepared for the meeting and you know exactly how you’re going to lead the meeting. You sit down, exchange pleasantries and your prospect says… “Let’s just cut to the chase. Tell me… how much is this going to cost?” 

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