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How to Stop the Excuses For Not Having a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital MarketingI'll start by saying that many marketers are indeed doing digital, but even if you are or know of a business owner or marketer who is, ask yourself if they are doing the best they could be with their digital marketing efforts. Chances are you or they would say, "No." Even with the number of business and brands using digital, I still come across a number of stories where I hear about a marketer not willing to try digital, whether it be social, mobile, desktop display, or search.

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Topics: Needs Analysis, Digital, media snacking

Digital Marketing: Don't Forget Mobile in Your Integrated Campaign

digital marketingBuilding an effective marketing strategy has always been important and sometimes daunting task for businesses and it isn't getting any easier! If you've spent any time reading this blog, you know that developing integrated campaigns is key and new studies show how vital mobile has become to these solutions. As a business owner/CMO/part of a marketing department; having a good understanding of this can be vital to your upcoming marketing successes.

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Topics: digital marketing, Digital, integrated media solution, media snacking, mobile