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The Future of Sales and Marketing

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I can remember it so well—sitting in the grass with a bunch of other sweaty 5th and 6th graders, out of breath from running laps and drills. We were the St. Joseph’s soccer team, and we were great at running around and yelling and kicking the ball in the general direction of the other team’s goal. We were pretty good at joking around and drinking the Gatorade, too.

But this practice was a little different. Today, Coach Freer had a big pad of paper and a sharpie. She proceeded to tell us this fabulous story involving fullbacks, and halfbacks, and forwards, and strikers. And those white lines on the grass? She told us what they meant, too. 

“Whoa!” I said to myself. “There’s a strategy here, and a structure!”

This memory came back so clear to me this week, as I finished building our latest online course, the Lead Gen What & Why: Inbound. In presenting the top 20 terms related to inbound marketing and lead generation, a real structure, based on strategy, started to come into focus.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Sales Team to Generate Leads


Note: This post first appeared on the LeadG2 blog.

One of the first signs that a sales organization of a small company is growing and maturing is that they no longer rely on the sales team to generate leads. In the early stages of development, a new company requires that everyone “wear multiple hats”. Consequently, the salesperson usually plays the role of Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Campaign Manager, and Business Development Specialist. It’s quite simple really—if the salesperson doesn't generate leads, no one will. But as an organization matures, the various Sales and Marketing disciplines should be divided as soon as possible. Not doing so simply makes achieving growth objectives more challenging and makes your life tougher than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, many organizations get stuck in this first stage of organizational development, and they continue to rely on the sales team to generate their own leads. Salespeople should really never stop prospecting. They should always be on the lookout for new business opportunities. But an organization that completely relies on Sales to generate leads are putting their growth objectives at risk. Below are three primary reasons why.

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5 Ways Integrated Marketing and Sales Strategies Boost Growth


Sales and marketing have a long history of conflict. The most common scenario is that marketing teams complain about their hard-earned leads not being closed properly, while salespeople are unhappy with the quality of marketing leads. Having these two teams working together may not be an easy task, but it’s certainly worth it.

Your marketing team can track the online behaviors of your leads to warm up what would have otherwise been a cold call. All the while, data from your sales team can help marketing get a better idea of which types of leads will most likely convert into paying customers and what the most efficient communication channels are. Bringing sales and marketing together is paramount to the growth of your company.

Here are five ways an integrated approach boosts growth.

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