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Have You Noticed? Showing Appreciation Drives Performance


An Accenture study, written about in Forbes, found that 43% of employees who are about to quit their jobs cite lack of recognition from supervisors as the reason they would leave. Every time I read that stat I feel convicted that I don’t always show as much appreciation as I should. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the individuals on my team, it’s just that I have so many things fighting for my attention. It’s easy to miss this key leadership responsibility. Many times managers don’t think about showing appreciation until it’s too late—until someone on their team leaves for another opportunity.  

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Are You a Salesperson or a Business Person?


There are so many areas in life where balance is important. I believe a political view too far to the right or too far to the left is not healthy, and a workout routine that is exclusively power lifting will not make you as healthy as a more diverse exercise routine.  

This is true in the sales profession as well. Great salespeople are generally hard workers and focused on the job at hand. But if you spend all your time focused on selling and not on understanding the greater business climate, you will not be as effective in your selling or as helpful to your clients.

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How to Have Success Your First Year as a Media Salesperson


How can I make sure I’m successful in media sales? 

How long will it take for me to make a lot of money?

How quickly can I expect to be promoted?

It seems as though I am asked these same three questions all the time! By college kids about to graduate. By people in the workforce who are considering a career change to sales. By media salespeople just starting out. They want to know how they can be successful, make good money, and advance their careers. All smart things to think about!  

I replied to someone just this morning and included my Top Ten secrets to success. As I hit “send,” I started thinking that I should share my response with you today. So here goes! (Keep in mind, this advice applies to any kind of B2B sales, not just media.)

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How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Next Superstar Salesperson


Sales talent is tough to find. Those who are great at what they do aren’t usually spending their time on job boards. According to a survey from The Adler Group, 15 percent of employed professionals are active candidates pursuing a new opportunity — another 68 percent are open to listening to new opportunities, but aren’t actively looking. So how do you find those talented salespeople you need?

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Show Me Your Portfolio Of Work


If a prospect asked to see your portfolio of work, what would you show? Information about your product? Data about how it’s better than the competition? A brochure that shows you are attractively priced? If this is your portfolio of work, then your role in the sales process is mostly to provide access to the product. That’s a problem. The reality is that most of the information a prospect needs about your product is readily available online these days. 

Let’s rethink this a bit. If you were hiring a…

  • Graphic designer, would you look for a portfolio of the work they have done for other clients? Of course you would.
  • How about a landscape contractor? You know that answer. Show me the pictures!
  • How about an investment professional? Would you look for evidence that she or he has solved problems for other clients and produced better-than-average returns? Yes, you would.
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Top 10 Ways to Decrease Turnover on Your Sales Team


Every sales manager has been there. You spend time and effort selecting just the right candidate. You get your “perfect” AE hired and trained, and they’re doing well. But then you get their two-week notice. Your heart sinks. You have invested time, energy, and most importantly money into this person, only to have them take their talent to another company. What happened?!

We have all heard the phrase, an employee joins a company but leaves a manager. So how can you keep your top talent? How can you become a manager whose people stay?

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Who’s On Your Personal Board?


We all remember the cartoon image of a cat with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, getting advice on his (usually) bad decision. Hopefully we get better advice from our Personal Board of Directors. What are we talking about? Simply put, your Personal Board of Directors is the group of people who help you to make important decisions personally or professionally and that hold you accountable for those decisions. We all have one, whether we realize it or not. The question is, have you personally picked your Board?

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5 Questions to Ask During a Revenue Development Position Interview


Most sales managers focus on three things when hiring a salesperson:

  • Experience (resume)
  • Gut feel (do they click with the candidate?)
  • Personality (are they outgoing?) 

Unfortunately, most overlook the missing ingredient—talent! Simply put, too many salespeople are hired without an evaluation of talent. This is one of the reasons that organizations experience high turnover levels and have trouble keeping people on the sales team.

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Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression


There was a post on LinkedIn recently about the importance of making a good first impression. The post focused on professional men in beautiful, well-tailored suits, smiling, making excellent eye contact, and shaking hands. Surely there must be more than that.

First impressions are frequently discussed in the context of business meetings. Is it an important first meeting for a job interview? Or is it the first meeting with a client to conduct a needs analysis? It doesn’t matter what the situation, since memorable impressions are critical to both.

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Use Consumer Psychology to Help Reel In More of Your Ideal Prospects


You can make the best and the most spectacular recommendations to your prospects, but what use is it if the prospect doesn’t share your point of view?

In B2B sales, you’ve probably spent a lot of resources to score an appointment. You’ve generated leads, qualified them, answered initial questions. And you don’t want to lose your ideal prospects now. Consumer psychology can help you reel the prospect in to sign on that dotted line.

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