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How to Get a Standing Ovation After Your Next Sales Meeting


Is your sales meeting agenda something like this?

1) Housekeeping
2) Where we are
3) Where we need to be
4) Get there the way I tell you
5) Go do it  

All this in 45 minutes…. No wonder you haven't gotten a standing ovation yet! Talented salespeople want to be nurtured—they want to get better at what they already do well. The agenda above does nothing to support that. It's time for a new agenda.

Salespeople like to make good use of their time, and if they're not out selling, you better make it worthwhile for them to be in a sales meeting. Take topics 1, 2 and 3—listed above—and send them in a regular weekly email. And work one-on-one with your salespeople to help them each accomplish their sales goals individually. Then use 30-45 minutes a week as a team for small doses of training on topics that are timely and relevant to their sales success.

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Are Your Sales Meetings Punitive or Positive?


Take a minute to think about all of the sales meetings you’ve attended or facilitated. Were you disappointed or delighted? Maybe you felt bored or even punished. Did the facilitator, AKA Sales Leader, drone on, pontificate, lecture, demean, or all of the above? Was it a one-voice meeting? What was the general engagement quotient of the participants?

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Ugh. Another Boring Sales Meeting?


Sales meetings are often seen as a necessary evil by both salespeople and sales managers—the salespeople often think they are a waste of time (and sometimes they are) and managers generally hate putting them together (and a are often not that good at it). So, here are five tips to help you produce a sales meeting people will want to be part of, with less work on your part to provide all the content:

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Is a Customer-Focused Selling Approach Still Valid?


In a recent meeting one of the sales managers asked, “Is it still really valid for salespeople to take a customer-focused selling approach anymore?” At first I was taken aback, wondering what he believed the alternative was, but I soon came to realize that he wasn’t implying that salespeople shouldn’t have the best interest of their clients in mind. What he questioned was the process where you ask for the prospect's time to learn about his or her business so you can sell the right solutions. 

Prospects are no longer willing to give salespeople time to teach them about their business. And with what is now online, they shoudn’t have to. 

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Three Sales Tactics You Should Retire Today


Even though I am not in charge of any buying services at The Center for Sales Strategy, because my name is on our company website I'm still often solicited by salespeople. Some salespeople also follow up with me after I researched or downloaded content from a website. In most cases, I overlook the solicitation, because what's in it for me? I'm not a decision-maker. But every once in a while, a salesperson's tactic catches my eye.

Recently a salesperson, who had not received a response from me after multiple attempts, sent me an email with a multiple-choice option. The last choice included telling him I was not interested. I found this somewhat clever and entertaining. One of my coworkers responded to my sharing of this salesperson’s email with "some sales tactics never grow old." That got me thinking. While some sales tactics never grow old, are there some tactics that should be retired?  

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Call Prep Beats Winging It Ten Times Out of Ten!


After 40 years of sales managing, sales consulting, and sales training, I have seen nearly everything. But I never cease to be amazed at those salespeople who pound their chest like Tarzan, have supreme confidence in their ability to wing it, and therefore don’t prepare adequately for upcoming meetings with prospects. They must think good prospects abound, that if you bust an opportunity there’ll be another one just as good right around the corner.

In the real world good prospects are precious, and blowing it because you weren’t prepared is unforgivable. A capital sin because it’s so preventable. The kind of mistake that should prompt your boss to show you the door.

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Top Five Sales Management blog postings this year

describe the imageHere's the most popular articles written this year about Sales Management. Don't miss reading these! Good luck with your planning for next week.

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Whose Sales Performance Are You Talking About?

key to successGood sales people and sales managers like to talk about their sales performance, and it’s this time of year that many sales organizations stop to honor those who had the best year as the calendar starts a fresh countdown. I support that idea and have a suggestion to add. What if every salesperson in your organization picked one client who had a good 2011 and asked that client to share two things:

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Coaching Sales People: Sales Meetings Are Expensive and Overrated

sales meetingIf you add up the value of everyone who sits in on a sales meeting—including yourself—you’ll realize how expensive sales meetings are. You should also remember the best training takes place in the field, with real accounts, not in a conference room with theoretical examples. But, there are still some legitimate reasons for having a sales meeting: education, training, team building, problem solving, positive psych and recognition. 

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