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3 Tips to Get Acknowledged by Your Prospects Without Being the Big, Bad Wolf

get acknowledged by prospectsThere's a nursery rhyme that reads...
"I will huff, and I will puff, and then I will blow your house down!"

...And sometimes that's what getting a prospect to acknowledge your existence feels like! I know... been there. Done that. 

So how do you go from that annoying 'big, bad wolf' to someone who is seen as valuable and a potential partner who helps increase revenue? No magic formula gets you an initial conversation with great prospects, but there are things you can do to help you add value early in the sales process and establish trust. Some situations, though, you just need to let it go. Try these three tips to help you get acknowledged by your prospects early in the sales process.

3 Tips to Help You Get Acknowledged by Your Prospects Early in the Sales Process

Be a Thought Leader

Pay attention to your online professional brand. Your brand goes beyond your photo, headline, and summary. It includes your activities as well. Post, comment on, and share articles, information, trends, and topics you feel are relevant to those who would find value in the solutions you can provide. If you post often, don't forget to check up on your followers. You may be surprised to see who hasn't connected with you, but values what you have to say! Look at your LinkedIn profile, scroll down your activity dashboard and click 'Manage Followers.' You could be surprised at what you see. 

Humanize the Emails You Send when Trying to Connect

Emails can feel impersonal from someone you've never met. The two easiest, and very effective ways, to humanize your email content is to add a photo to your signature or use video when delivering a message. Also, use a compelling subject line. Authenticity has become part of the decision-making criteria at the top of the funnel. So, ask yourself before you send that next email, "Am I authentic? Am I providing value? Have I shared why I should move up on my buyer's priority list?"

Know When to Let Go

This is critical because if you continue to 'huff and puff' until you blow the house down, you may find yourself passing out. Some houses aren't READY to fall down. A prospect's interest is usually peaked when they are in growth-mode or pain-mode. Without the feeling of either, your prospect might not need the solution you offer right now. Take the buyer's consideration into account and give yourself permission to let go if they're just not ready. You have lots of potential prospects out there. Spend that time you save on prospects who are marketing qualified leads and take that time to uncover potential sales-ready leads.

Don't fill the role of the annoying, 'big, bad wolf' sales professional. Bring value to your prospects, be human, and know when it's time to rest so you don't pass out, and you will find your time is more productive and profitable when it's spent the right way.

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