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Elissa Nauful

Elissa Nauful

I've started and managed digital sales organizations for a decade and a half. Understanding the digital AND marketing ecosystem and how they work together allows me to lead our teams to drive the best results for our clients.

Recent Posts by Elissa Nauful:

Driving Revenue Growth: The Role of Business Development in Sales Departments

The Role of Business Development in Sales Departments

LinkedIn defines business development as "the process of identifying and pursuing new opportunities to grow a business."

Business development is essential for sales teams, as it helps to generate new leads, build relationships with potential customers, and close more deals.

Topics: business development

10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

In today's competitive B2B sales environment, it's more important than ever to have a strong sales team that can close deals quickly. But hiring and training new salespeople can be a costly and time-consuming process.

That's why getting new salespeople up and running quickly is so important.

Here are 10 strategies for getting B2B salespeople up and running quickly.

Topics: sales training onboarding

5 Trends Shaping B2B Sales in 2023

5 Trends Shaping B2B Sales in 2023

As we continue to navigate 2023, it becomes crucial for sales professionals and organizations to stay ahead of the curve by embracing emerging trends that can enhance their sales strategies and drive sustainable growth.

In this article, we explore five key trends that are revolutionizing the B2B sales landscape, providing valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate and thrive in this competitive environment.

From implementing personalisation to remote selling and account-based selling, get ready to discover the game-changing trends that are shaping the future of B2B sales.

Topics: sales trends

How to Find New Sales Leads in a Difficult Market

How to Find New Sales Leads in a Difficult Market

As a sales team in the business-to-business (B2B) space, finding new leads is a never-ending challenge.

In a highly competitive market, it's essential to be creative and use unique approaches to stand out from the crowd. In this blog, we will explore some unconventional ways to find sales leads that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Topics: prospecting Generate Leads

6 Weeks to Impact 2023

6 Weeks to Impact 2023

This is the glorious time of year when most leaders are engulfed in budgets, planning, meetings, and deadlines. 

With less than six weeks until 2023, let’s dive into a few things to check off or add to your list.

Topics: sales and marketing alignment leading indicators

How to Approach Setting Realistic Sales Goals in 2023

How to Approach Setting Realistic Sales Goals in 2023

Setting meaningful as well as realistic goals is a skill that all sales leaders know is crucial. When looking at sales goals, let us clarify that they need to be both meaningful, with a focus on hard, not vanity metrics. They also must be realistic to your industry, region, market, team, and organizational capacity.  

One of the best ways for sales leaders to set realistic goals is first to look back. History can offer meaningful data and will provide checks and balances when dealing with projections and not actuals. 

Topics: leading indicators

Cleaning Up Your Sales Pipeline

Cleaning Up Your Sales Pipeline

Keeping a clean pipeline for your sales team provides incredible insight into several areas of your sales department. It takes a particular discipline to stay on top of the pipeline, and it is well worth the effort. 

To start, you need a tool that will allow you to access your pipeline at any time. At The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), we use HubSpot. The deal stages provide tremendous insight into seller activity and success and show signs of potential derailments to a deal.

Topics: sales pipeline

10 Things Your Clients Won’t Say Out Loud

10 Things Your Clients Won’t Say Out Loud

Creating an environment of trust and becoming a trusted advisor is one of the most important roles of a successful sales professional.  

That requires a shift from focusing on selling your product or solution to understanding and meeting the needs of the prospect or client in the now, near, and far.

Topics: customer satisfaction setting expectations Sales

Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Selling Techniques for Fast Closes

speed up sale


Stop spinning your wheels on lousy prospects!

Slow kills deals.   

Every seller knows (and loves) the feeling of a textbook sales process that goes from identify to closed-won, quickly.  The benefits of moving prospects to customers quickly through the pipeline expose several key leading indicators of the health of your sales team and sales process.

Topics: Sales

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel: Do You Know the Difference?

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel

Often, a sales funnel and sales pipeline are confused. 

They are not the same, and both have a distinct purpose along the path to purchase. They both provide an incredible amount of intelligence when examined in part and as a whole. 

Marketers and sales leaders that collaborate closely will learn that ensuring the sales funnel and pipeline are both full, healthy, and clean defines some of the biggest indicators of revenue success. 

Topics: sales pipeline sales funnel