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4 Things for B2B Sales Consultants to Focus on When Onboarding a New Client

iStock_000037154844_SmallAs B2B sales consultants we work hard helping customers improve sales performance. Life is good when we deliver results and get a referral to a new customer. It takes plenty of skill and expertise to land a new customer, and it takes plenty of skill and expertise to onboard a new customer successfully.

Here are four areas and tips B2B sales consultants should do in the onboarding process to help new customers get up and running and tap into sales consultant resources after they sign the contract: 


Teach your customer how to access your resources and online training via a website or web portal. Consider covering the following:

  • Creating an account and establishing a user name and password
  • Enroll people in appropriate online courses
  • How to access a help desk if/when they have a problem. 

2. Informational

Communicate the proper information to managers and sellers about the resources a new client has access to from your firm. Here are things to consider:

  • Conduct a review of the B2B sales training you will provide
  • Conduct a tour of your website
  • Explain the philosophy of your company
  • Tell them how you do business.

3. Focal

Determine areas of the new customer's business that require attention first and create KPIs accordingly. Here are some potential areas requiring help:

  • People
  • Process
  • Performance

4. Relational

Create a plan and develop methods to build strong relationships between your organization and the customer’s organization. 

Talking about these topics can take place face-to-face or via a distance meetings or a combination of both. After you do some work on these topics and resolve some issues the next step is to create a calendar that includes all the important details.

Proper planning prevents poor execution of an on-site workshop -- learn more.  

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