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Many B2B Salespeople End Up in the Phone Call Hall of Shame: Avoid it!

b2b-sales-training-tipsLike a chainsaw, the phone is a very powerful tool. In fact, both the phone and the chainsaw are implements which, if used with proper preparation, precaution, and execution, can produce wonderfully efficient results. However, each of these tools, if used improperly, can bring about disaster of somewhat similar proportions.

Every salesperson has a telephone on their desk, and a cell phone on their person; and these phones are a little too easy to use... in less than 30 seconds a seller can dial a number and speak to an important party, or have an opportunity to leave a detailed message on voicemail.

In today’s time-starved work environment, B2B salespeople too often end up in phone trouble when attempting to set appointments—thrusting themselves into phone dialogue with little or no preparation, in a misguided effort to get more things done. The result is dull, shop-worn, phone dialogue that fails to tantalize a new business prospect or customer and makes salespeople sound like every other peddler who comes calling. The net effect: No appointment... or, at best, a poor quality appointment. 

The Phone Call Hall of Shame

Simply put, a little preparation—tied to think, feel and do—goes a long way and increases the likelihood of setting an appointment. Try this process before picking up the phone—the people on the other end of the call will be glad you did!

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