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The Recurring Dream of a B2B Sales Training Consultant

The_Recurring_Dream_of_a_B2B_Sales_Training_ConsultantGrow my consulting business is the name I've given this dream I keep having. I have it so often I thought it made sense to give it a name! Perhaps you've had the same dream or for some the same nightmare if you are a B2B sales consultant or trainer.

The grow my consulting business dream consists of the following:

  • Paranoia tied to creating enough B2B sales training resources to stay relevant
  • Fear of losing an existing customer—specifically a large spending key account—due to spending too much time creating sales training resources
  • Running, chasing, never catching the solution 

And then I wake up in a cold sweat—wide awake and destined to the couch to watch ESPN until I can shake the dream from my memory and doze back to sleep.

I have learned the only way to get over the aftershock attached to this dream is to think good thoughts about things my firm has done over the years to stimulate growth: 

  • Deliver ROI and retain at least 90% of our customers every year

  • Pursue new ways to market the company—inbound marketing has opened many doors for The Center for Sales Strategy, so many we decided to start another company focused on lead generation called LeadG2

  • Partner with other companies to deliver services aligned with our core mission of improving sales performance—here are our partners:

  • Experiment with new ideas on a part-time basis to see if the idea is robust enough to grow into a full-time resource (that’s how LeadG2 evolved)


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