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Checklist for Where to Share Your Thought Leadership Content to Maximize Results [VIDEO]

Dean Moothart

Throughout this four-part series, we’ve discussed how thought leadership content can support your marketing and sales efforts to improve your sales and performance as well as tips for creating great thought leadership content and the different types of content you can create.

The benefits of thought leadership content are clear. If you want to support your brand's messaging and boost your exposure by creating genuine relationships and impacting decisions, then you need to know how to create effective thought leadership content, and also where to share it.

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Checklist: Where to Share Your Thought Leadership Content

  • Your company blog
  • Your personal brand blog
  • As an article on LinkedIn
  • Write blog posts for other credible sources
  • Contribute your insight to compilation blogs (i.e. Databox)
  • Share links to these blog posts on your person social media with verbiage and a little look at what the reader will get from reading
  • Do the same on your company pages, but position it from your company
  • Share videos within your blogs
  • Share videos on your personal and company social media with links to your site for more information
  • Share short videos on your personal and company social media with a link to the full video hosted on your site or other social channels
  • Link to your podcast episode from your social media—maybe share a tip or stat that was shared in the episode to attract people to click
  • Embed short clips of a podcast within your blog and link to the full episode
  • Share short clips of a podcast episode on your social media with a link to the full episode
  • In a company email newsletter
  • Share links to blogs, videos, or podcasts within LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
  • When people have questions on LinkedIn or Facebook groups that you answer in your thought leadership content, give them a simple answer, then link to the full content within your response
  • Use your thought leadership content in lead nurture workflows to nurture leads
  • Sales teams can utilize this thought leadership content within their sales process

Becoming a thought leader is challenging, and it’s a long-term strategy. However, with these resources to help you craft and share influencing messages, you can build lasting relationships with your target audience.  

They might not know it yet, but your prospects are counting on you to provide the content they need, when they need it, where they want it! Good Luck!

The Case for Thought Leadership Content Series

Part 1 — How Thought Leadership Content Supports Marketing and Sale Efforts to Improve Performance [VIDEO]

Part 2 — Tips for Creating Great Thought Leadership Content [VIDEO]

Part 3 — Different Types of Thought Leadership Content [VIDEO]

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