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The Magic Behind a Successful Key Account Growth Plan is You!


‘Tis the Season! The Walmart countdown displays in the seasonal section of their stores were up and counting down before Halloween was over. That irks me for a number of reasons, but it also motivates me. I need to finalize my growth plans for next year… and so do you!

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Plan Your 3 Words for 2016


Chris Brogan recommends an exercise at the beginning of each year that he calls “My Three Words.” He uses these three words as a way to focus his energy and effort for the coming year—a creative twist on the new year’s resolution. I have seen Chris refer to this the last few years, but this is the first year I decided to take his recommendation.  

I created a first draft and set it aside a few days and then came back to put it in final form. My three words are Think, Decide, and Appreciate. Here’s what I resolve to do.

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The Most Important Planning Meeting You can Hold for 2015

important-planning-meetingIs it just me, or did anyone else notice that Movember seemed to really become a “thing” this year? In case you live in a cave, Movember is the movement that draws attention to men’s health issues by encouraging the growth of facial hair. We seemed to have reached a tipping point in 2014 and I believe this is likely to get even bigger in the years to come. 

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Plans are Worthless, but Planning is Everything

plans are worthless but planning is everythingHandling an Account List is much like running a small business whose performance is the result of the owner’s initiative, resourcefulness and choices.  As a business person it is important to identify which opportunities are subject to your influence…and then determine what actions to take to ensure that your influence will have effect.

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