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Digital Marketing Strategy: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 1)

Creating Digital Campaigns That Work
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Three Free Resources to Sharpen your Digital Sales Strategy

Sharpen your digital sales strategyOne comment heard often is there is so much to know in digital and it changes all the time… how to keep up with everything? That got me thinking about some of the free resources available to aide in the quest to know more about digital and improve your digital sales strategy.

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Email Marketing: When Is the Right Time to Send?

Emails Scheduling for primetimeA study of 21 million email messages sent in 2012 found that email opens and click-throughs have two “primetimes” per day—the first between 8 and 9 a.m., and the second between 3 and 4 p.m.

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Attack of the Zombies—Cyber Monday

inbound marketingI woke up this morning, dreading the 525,600 Cyber Monday emails I would have to sift through to get down to real business today. It was worse than just Cyber Monday email—since I was out of town for Thanksgiving, I hadn't touched a computer since Wednesday afternoon... which meant I also had all the pre-Thanksgiving, early bird and Black Friday notices filling up my inbox.

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Look like you know more about digital than you do. Here's how.

digitalI was at my usual Starbucks getting my usual morning beverage, and while I waited, checked my email as usual. A gentleman in his 70s was behind me asking if I was reading a book on an eReader; apparently he saw me reading one of my lengthy emails and did not know what an eReader looks like.

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Three Big Social Media Stories and How They Affect Your Content Marketing

inbound marketingThis was a big week for social media changes. Here are three stories we think you need to be aware of... and why you should care!

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Why Media Companies Need to Drop Tradition and Embrace the Inbound Movement

Youve_Got_Leads_Now_What_The_5_Steps_to_Convert_Your_Inbound_Leads_into_CustomersThings have fundamentally changed in the media industry, and I’m excited to have the privilege on November 8th to discuss why inbound marketing will be critical to the next evolutionary phase for media companies.

Currently, a majority of the media companies (TV, Radio, Print etc.) are not using inbound marketing (blogging, thought leadership, lead generation, email marketing and social media) as part of their strategy to increase the number of leads their salespeople are getting—or leveraging it as a way to drive a more retainable revenue stream via their service and advertising offerings.  

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Remembering one of the greatest innovators of all time

innovation and thought leadershipInnovation is important. We salute all of you that are thinking of—and trying—new ways to add value, deliver service and provide new information to the customers you serve.

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10 Tips for Creating Killer Content for Your Blog

content creationWhether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been involved with your organization’s lead generation efforts for years, at some point, you’ll hit the wall when it comes to content creation. It can be daunting to come up with something new to say every day. The next time you need something to write about, try one of these tips.

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Google's 'Mute This Ad' is a Glass Half Full

selling digital advertisingIt's official. Google is giving users the opportunity to mute an ad and not see another one from that particular campaign within their display network. This is good news for both advertisers and those who sell digital advertising. Here's why the glass is half full:

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