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What Lemonade Stands Teach Us About Sales


Each year on the first Sunday in May, over 150,000 elementary and middle school kids set up lemonade stands in 31 states for Lemonade Day. The founder of the program, Michael Holthouse, who was named Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, developed Lemonade Day to help kids learn how to run a business. He had this idea that economic messes could be avoided if kids were taught basic business skills and financial common sense that they can use when they are running the country.

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Your Best Decision After You Lose a Customer or Client in B2B Sales

describe the imageAnyone who’s ever participated in sports, coached sports, or watched sports knows the object of the game is to win! We keep score throughout the game, because when the game is over we want to know who played the best and who deserves to be crowned the winner!  Salespeople in B2B sales are pretty much the same. They keep score by evaluating their new business conversion rates, by regularly analyzing their budget vs. goal numbers, by measuring renewals, and by consistently making sure they’re meeting their customer’s goals and ROI. When all of these things are positive… they consider that a win.  

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Zig Ziglar—Motivation is the First Step to Becoming a Great Salesperson

zig ziglarWith the passing of Zig Ziglar yesterday, we have truly lost one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers and sales coaches. Similar to other great motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins, Ziglar focused on motivating the masses, and his message reached most of his audience through his popular CDs and "Get Motivated" speaking tours. Recently he had branched out and started a series of webinars and eBooks that have become very popular with a younger audience.

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5 Things Top Performing Sales People Do After A “Mission Failed” Experience

getting the first sales appointmentNobody really likes to fail! But the reality is, every salesperson has experienced some kind of failure at some point in their career… it’s inevitable! The great ones consider these experiences equivalent to an Ivy League education. Instead of allowing the negativity to devour them, they learn, overcome and move forward—quickly! 

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