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Talent alone won't make a salesperson successful. It's important that you know how to turn this talent into performance.

At The Center for Sales Strategy, our reason for being is to Turn Talent into Performance

Here are 5 ways to turn talent into performance that are included in 30 Ways to Turn Talent Into Performance:  

  1. Give five thumbs up for things they-did-right for every thumb down for what-they-did wrong.
  2. Real coaching can’t happen in the office. Schedule field time first and cancel it last.
  3. In the field, focus less on the client and more on your seller—and the coaching they need to grow. 
  4. It's hard to fill a bucket that’s leaking. Ensure your team is giving Key Accounts top priority.
  5. Never let your top performers stagnate. Keep them challenged and working toward their potential.

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