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This webinar, originally presented June 28th, 2016, explores:

  • What the science of strengths-based psychology tells us about how to uncover key strengths in individuals.
  • The strengths that benchmark studies have shown to be present in high-performing consultative selling development officers.
  • How nonprofit organizations are using this information to recruit, hire, and retain talented revenue developers and fundraisers.

Learn the 8 talents successful revenue development officers have in common. Learn what questions to ask in your interviews to determine if your candidates have these talents. 

About Kurt Sima, Our Presenter

Kurt enjoys solving business problems, improving revenue performance, and building business models designed to achieve growth strategies. 

Kurt is currently the head of a program designed to help nonprofit organizations improve revenue performance, of which American Heart Association Mid-Atlantic office and The Children’s Miracle Network are clients.  He attributes much of his success to helping organizations hire and develop talented people and creating a revenue development culture focused on client, donor and sponsor results. 


Receive the handouts for the webinar: