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Appointment_LabWhat's a quality appointment?

  • One that is scheduled in advance
  • With a clear agenda
  • That includes either conducting a needs analysis
  • Or discussing ideas specifically related to a previously identified assignment

Why is it harder to schedule quality appointments?

  • More salespeople are in the marketplace
  • There are fewer buyers
  • People have more sophisticated ways to ignore sellers
  • Email has allowed buyers to keep sellers at a distance
  • The internet allows buyers to learn about your category or specific products and services, without a salesperson even being present

The average seller is often going on only 1-3 quality appointments per week.

Imagine what could happen if every seller went on five to seven quality calls per week.

Sound too good to be true? We assure you it’s not! Download the free ebook and learn how to triple the number of sales appointments per salesperson.

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