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    Matt Sunshine | Keynote Speaker

    Listed on Forbes Top 20 Speakers You Shouldn't Miss the Opportunity to See

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    Need a speaker for your event, meeting, retreat, or conference?

    Let Matt deliver tactical, educational, and real info to your group.

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    Matt Sunshine | Author

    Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands is a book by Matt Sunshine that will teach you how to create a program that will make it easier for prospects to buy from you.


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"I'm all about practical, real-life things they can do to help them impact the revenue and performance at the place that they work."


  • CEO.



Let Matt deliver tactical, educational, and real info to your group.


"I'm all about giving folks actionable things, that they can leave my presentation and really use."

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"I LOVE what I do. I love that I get to get up in front of people and share with them my knowledge, my expertise, and what I've learned along the way, and share with them these pieces of information that can help them better their business."

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Matt Sunshine is CEO at The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), a sales performance consulting company that helps sales organizations attract, retain, and develop the highest-performing salespeople.  Matt’s areas of expertise include growing sales organizations, finding and developing sales superstars, sales process, lead generation, inbound marketing, and digital marketing. He is a featured writer for one of the top sales blogs in America, a regular contributor to leading business blogs and magazines, author of Getting Prospects to Raise their Hands, host of the Improving Sales Performance podcast, and a speaker. He was listed as one of the 20 Speakers You Shouldn't Miss The Opportunity To See by Forbes Magazine, is a top-rated Vistage speaker, and a was ranked as a Top 30 Global Sales Gurus in 2021. 

In 2012, Matt developed and launched LeadG2, a sales performance agency  that helps B2B organizations sell smarter and faster through inbound marketing and sales enablement. LeadG2 is a Hubspot Diamond Solutions Partner. In 2019, Matt oversaw the launch of the third division in the CSS family, Up Your Culture, which partners with businesses to improve company culture and employee engagement with the end-goal of reducing regrettable turnover, increasing productivity, and retaining key customers. Together, all three divisions help support total revenue performance. 

Matt is most valued by his colleagues and clients for his innovative thinking and ability to always stay ahead of the curve. He treasures the unconditional support he receives from his wife and twin daughters. 

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Speaker Reviews

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The best part of Matt on stage is basically his straight-forwardness. He doesn't try to entertain while he's up there. He's like, "Look, here are the facts, and here's what to do.

  • Jeff Worthington, Attendee

His ideas were really simple to follow, and I can take them home and implement them right away. 

  • Cathy Jarosh, Attendee

Matt's very interactive. Asks you questions as you ask him questions. Very conversational, and very real.

  • Beth Ballard, Attendee

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Book Reviews


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Sunshine's book is practical, tactical, and a fresh-breath from all the rah-rah that threatens our sales professionals. Dig in and learn.

  • Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group and bestselling author of Trust Agents and The Impact Equation

Matt Sunshine hits a business book trifecta. First, he makes an impassioned and well-reasoned call-to-arms to adopt inbound marketing or get left behind in the age of the informed consumer. Second, he lays out in precise detail an inbound marketing road map that your business can activate tomorrow. And third, he helps you determine if inbound is something you can do on your own, outsource completely, or settle in the middle. In short, you won't find more helpful information than LeadG2: Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands, which itself is a testament to his inbound marketing expertise.

  • Jim Knapp, VP of Business Development, Bonneville International

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