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The Ultimate Business Compliment to Improve Your Sales Performance

Sales PerformanceThink of the people on your personal list of active accounts. Among those business owners, managers, or stakeholders, do you have a professional favorite? 

Lets give some clarity to what I’m talking about. This client is someone who brings out the best of your qualities every time you work together. A customer who compels you to do your best work… to think more creatively, work more efficiently, and solve problems more effectively

Whether for these, or because of other professionally gratifying reasons I have not mentioned here: Think of your favorite client. Think about the reasons—aside from the dollars they spend with you—why they are your favorite person (or people) to work with. And then… 

Tell them. Our clients are not just our customers. They are not just people who hand us money in exchange for our products or services.


If we’re doing it right, each key account you have is a collaborator with whom we work toward a common goal…  partners in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Often, a client can even become a mentor who gives us a better understanding of how the world works, by helping understand their business, their industry, and the way the market looks through their eyes.

Do you have some clients you consider your “favorites?”

Be sure to tell them. Finish this statement on your own: “I look at each one of my customer relationships as a privilege. But this one is something special, because of the way…” Then share it with them. Because if it is true and sincere, it is a compliment someone deserves to hear.


Strengthening your relationships is one step toward improved sales performance. Download our Key Account Annual Growth Plan to ensure you are retaining and growing all of your top accounts. 



Mike Anderson is VP of Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy.

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