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Why Selling Ideas Just Doesn't Work Anymore

Sales StrategyIt’s been said that “price objections melt in the presence of a bright idea.” And there is some truth to that axiom. But selling ideas is hardly a novel approach these days. In fact, your competitors attempt to do that every day.

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Improving Sales Performance: Become a Personal Positioning Machine

Sales PerformanceThe best B2B salespeople use a sales strategy that includes personal positioning. Here’s how you can get into this game and attract new business prospects:

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Top Five Characteristics of Successful Inbound Marketing Efforts

Inbound MarketingWhen you think of what characteristics make a successful company, marketing campaign or team there are certain traits and factors that help to sort out the best and worst, the winners from the losers. This is true with inbound marketing and lead generation programs as well. 

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Improve Your Sales Performance With Active Listening

Sales PerformanceDuring a recent workshop, I played the part of the prospect as one seller after another approached me with their list of needs analysis questions. And almost without exception, the sellers' priority seemed to be getting through the list of questions they and their team had prepared, rather than harvesting the information I was hoping to offer.

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Can Package Selling be Customer Focused?

sales strategyPackage selling is not necessarily for product peddlers only. You CAN sell a package without losing focus on the customer and her unique needs.

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Sales Management Secrets: Coaching the Talent of Ambition

Sales Management SecretsThere are people who like to win, people who hope to win, people who want to win, and people who try to win. And then there are the people who absolutely, positively, without a doubt HAVE to win.

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Are You Ignoring the Best Business Development Sales Strategy of 2013?

Sales Strategy
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When Getting an Appointment Can Actually Hurt Your Sales Strategy

sales strategy?So, you have an appointment with a new prospect. That’s good. Is it clear to the prospect what you’ll be talking about, or did you sort of leave a few important details out just to get your foot in the door?  After all, once they spend a little time with you, they’ll be charmed with you, right?

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Setting Appointments: You Want Me to Give Up My Time, For You?

Setting AppointmentsYour friend calls and ask you to meet him on Saturday night. Do you say yes? Maybe he just needs you to drive again, but maybe he has tickets to the sold out concert. Even with a trusted friend, you would want to know why his offer is better than what you already have planned.

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Sales Strategy: Get Out Of The Non-Communication Abyss

Sales StrategySomewhere… there is a deep, dark abyss where technology and communication devices don’t exist. It’s a black hole of non-communication and it has captured some of your best prospects! These are prospects that you’ve cultivated a relationship with, and who have demonstrated their trust in you by opening up about their biggest challenges and concerns.  You’ve worked hard to uncover their needs, and collaborated on various solutions to solve their business problems with relevant workable solutions. You’ve partnered and contracted all along the way to align expectations and effectively plan next steps. 

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Digital Marketing: 3 Reasons Your Campaign May Fail on Facebook

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Sales Strategy: Change the “Value Added” Conversation

Sales StrategyWhen you come up with a proposal for a client or prospect, where do you believe the “value added” is? Do you think it’s in the price-per-product cost? Do you think it is found in free services that come with the proposal? Or, do you believe most of the value added lies in your ability to uncover the prospect’s critical needs, and the bright ideas you’ve brought to the table to solve those specific needs? 

Additionally, might some of that value be in the assistance you’ll provide to implement that solution without a hitch? Or, could it be that you are knowledgeable about their industry, and have spotted trends for them in the past?  Could it be the expertise you drew upon to come up with a creative and specific solution to their most pressing need? 

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Inbound Marketing: How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Inbound MarketingOne of the greatest and most well known benefits of blogging (aka Content Marketing) is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effects that you gain by publishing blog posts and premium content on a regular basis.

However, if you are not utilizing certain best practices and guides for authoring effective content your efforts will not be optimized, and it will take longer and more effort to achieve your desired results.

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Sales Management Secrets: Coaching the Talent of Enterpriser

sales management secretsSome people desire complete collaboration and group decisions and they seek lots of guidance in their daily work to make sure they are on-track.  

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Sales Strategy: Want to know why most sales fail?

sales strategyMany times when salespeople fail to make a sale on a new prospect, they walk away not knowing exactly what went wrong. The answer generally lies in a hurdle they were not able to clear or a sign-off that caused the sale to fail.

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Sales Strategy: Ask for Large Orders. Big Needs Get Big Budgets.

sales strategyHere's a provocative thought; you may be getting objections just as often by asking for too little as you do by asking for too much!

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