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Five Children's Books that will Help Improve Sales Performance

improving sales performanceIt's Pop Culture Week on The Center for Sales Strategy blog. This week, we are taking our sales strategy lessons from the pages of pop culture. Today, we're talking children's books...

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Five Celebrities Who Exemplify Professional Branding

professional brandingIt's Pop Culture Week on The Center for Sales Strategy Blog. Each day this week, we're taking our sales strategy lessons from the pages of pop culture. Today, we're talking celebrities...

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Five Athletes Who Remind Us of the Value of Coaching Sales People

sales coachingIt's Pop Culture Week on The Center for Sales Strategy Blog. Each day this week, we're taking our sales strategy lessons from the pages of pop culture. Today, we're talking athletes...

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Five Songs That Relate to Sales Performance

songs_for_sales_strategyMusic can help you push through a difficult workout, it can calm your nerves, and it can even get you pumped up and geared towards success. Music can have a powerful impact on your mindset, and using music and the right rhythm to support positive thoughts could definitely get your sales performance headed in the right direction.

Abba—Money, Money, Money

Listen to it here.

“Money, money, money. Must be funny. In the rich man’s world.” What do we all work for? Money, right? To some extent, for sure! The key to this song is honing in on your motivation. “All the things I could do if I had a little money.” What are those things? What do you want to use and spend your money on? Home improvements? A new car? A family vacation? Define those things and create a visual target or vision board that you will see every day. Know exactly what you want to make, and sometimes more importantly WHY.

Where's your motivation? What lights your fire?

Pet Shop Boys—Opportunities

Listen to it here.

“I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks. Let’s make lots of money.” To me this song really speaks to using your resources. Who and what do you have around you to help make your ideas bigger and stronger? What could you tap into to make you feel more informed? What areas do you need to improve in or what areas do you find you are lacking skills or knowledge? How can you close that gap? Using your resources helps to ensure you are maximizing each opportunity to the fullest extent. “Oh there’s a lot of opportunities if you know when to take them.”

Are you using your resources?

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Client Clues… Hiding in Plain Site

client cluesWe often say that "the client's needs provide fuel and focus to the entire sales process." What better way to gain an initial picture of those needs than through the prospect's website, advertising, or publicly-available corporate reports? Some of the best prep work you can do might be hiding in a commonly available website.

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Challenging the Challenge [Sales Strategy]

identifying business challengesYou've done a great job in your first appointment with the client. You've exposed lots of areas where they'd like to see improvement. You've also eliminated areas of focus that aren't important. You've asked the client’s help in narrowing down which challenge or challenges they'd like your help with. And that challenge may sound something like this:

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The Most Important Post on Digital Advertising Metrics You’ll Read This Month

click through rateMarketers love digital because it’s measurable, but there seems to be a lot of unwarranted hype about the importance of the click-through-rate (CTR). While the CTR is one form of measurement, research tells us focusing solely on the CTR is an expensive mistake. Here’s why:

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Location, Location, Location! [Digital Advertising Strategy]

mobile marketingWhen you look at emerging trends in the digital space right now, location-based marketing is rarely missing from the conversation. The discussion surrounding the effectiveness of local advertising, the power of social media and the growth of mobile add color to the conversation.

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Sales Managers Can Help Sales People Close More Deals

sales coachingI know what you’re thinking…  NO, I do not think sales managers should close deals for their sales people. Doing that (consistently) only causes more issues, but that is not what this is about. The reality is, while pending business is great, what we need to see is sales people closing business. Here are 3 questions you can ask your sales reps that should help them close more sales. 

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They Said YES Before My Proposal [Sales Strategy]

investmentOur company’s reason for being is to help our clients turn talent into performance, and I spend most of my time making sure we have everything operating in such a way that we can delight customers. I don’t get to sell that often, but recently I found myself in conversations with a friend who runs his own business. After a few conversations and a meeting with a few key managers, I presented the owner with a pre-proposal and asked him to review it with his management team. 

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