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Sales Management Tip: Helping Sellers Develop Trust with Customers

Helping Sellers Develop Trust with Customers

Sales managers and sellers can agree that developing trust with a customer is one of the most  important parts of the sales process.

Simply put, customers don't buy from people they don't trust. However, they buy more from people they do trust! Here are some tips on how to develop trust with your customers.

Weekly Roundup: How to Increase Consumer Confidence + More



"Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, Will Determine Your Altitude."

-Zig Ziglar



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This Week’s Big Deal: Boosting Buyer Confidence - LINKEDIN

In a boxing ring, the trainer plays many roles. They serve as advisor, mentor, and coach. They scout out weaknesses in the opponent and help their own fighter correct mistakes with form or footwork. But perhaps the most important function a trainer plays on fight night is confidence-booster - “Hang in there. You got this. You’re the champ!”

Sales reps are accustomed to playing the role of advisor, but these days, they’re increasingly relied upon to boost buyer’s confidence — not just in the solution, but in themselves to make the right decision. How can sellers infuse consumers with confidence throughout their purchase journeys? >>> READ MORE

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How to Use Body Language to Increase Sales

body-language-sales-prosIt's not just what you say; it's how you say it. In fact, what you say matters a lot less than how you're perceived, especially in sales.

You have to exude confidence and calmness when calling on prospects. Because, if you don't, they'll pick up on it, and you won't be seen as trusted and valued.

If you can master eye contact (including eyebrow gestures), facial expressions, torso and arms behavior, and leg activity, you'll be on your way to a successful appointment.

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Motivational Playlist: Recommended Best Songs for Sales Teams [VIDEO]


Music is so important for motivation and overall company culture, and we often underestimate what it can do for our team in terms of sales productivity.

Are you struggling to find a great motivational playlist to pump up your team? If so,

keep reading!

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css-by-the-numbers-2018-headerJust like an athlete, you can go it alone and get some occasional wins. To win a gold medal requires a clear plan, consistent discipline, and constant improvement.

At The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), we take delivering client results seriously. We are here to help take your sales strategy from occasional wins to gold medals. Our proven strategies help clients improve their company’s sales performance and increase their sales revenue by providing tailored solutions for their needs.

We've taken some time to dig into last year's numbers so we can analyze and improve in the coming year. Here's what 2018 looked like, and we'll be sharing 2019 soon after the New Year. 

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Change This NOW! If You Want to Increase Retention Rates and Referrals

Increase Retention Rates and Referrals

From sales and marketing to service interactions, gender defines the way a message is perceived. Women crave connection more than men, and perception is ultimately her reality. When it comes to perception and seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing things, there is no such thing as objectivity.

The golden rule to treat others the way you want to be treated is long gone. It’s now the platinum rule, treat others the way they want or need to be treated.

If you want to increase your retention rates, referrals, and ultimately improve your top line, change the way you deliver the consumer brand experience.  

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Weekly Roundup: Essential Roles on a Modern Sales Team + More

essential roles on a modern sales team






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Essential Roles on a Modern Sales Team — LinkedIn

Great teams are not defined by simply having the best players. They are defined by depth, balance, and cohesion. Whether in business, sports, music, or otherwise, the highest-performing teams tend to include a diverse range of skills. Together, the team becomes a well-rounded whole greater than the sum of its parts.

This is especially true In the complex world of modern selling. It would be tough to find any single sales pro who embodies every element of an ideal skill set for the job today. But with the right skills represented in your team, you can work toward a well-rounded squad that checks every box.

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How to Quickly Identify Your Human Capital Expense [VIDEO]


From identifying new opportunities for growth to driving profitable revenue streams, salespeople are the fuel to your company’s fire. As sales managers and leaders, we often state that our team is our most valuable asset, but are we doing anything about it?

If we’re going to take this principle seriously, then identifying your human capital expense is essential. Do you ever wonder if you’re doing your very best as a sales manager?

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Understanding the Different Ways Sales Talent Assessments are Used for Both Recruiting and Coaching

Understanding the Different Ways Sales Talent Assessments are Used for Both Recruiting and Coaching

Talent assessments are an excellent tool for understanding the way your candidates and current salespeople are wired. The difference in approach with each group is key to productive new hires and successful coaching.

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Weekly Roundup: Generating B2B Leads Naturally + More







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Generating B2B Leads Naturally — LinkedIn

What is a normal experience on social media like for you? I’m not talking about using it for business — I’m talking about a simple leisurely scroll. But the ultimate point I’ll make is that maybe there shouldn’t be much of a difference.

When I hop onto LinkedIn or another social media network, my usual routine is to check out the feed, press “Like” on a few posts that catch my eye, and leave a comment or two. When there’s a prompt, maybe I’ll message an acquaintance directly. It’s an easy way to stay in the loop and maintain relationships. These activities represent the fundamental purpose of social media, and that’s why the channel can be so effective as a business tool.

The thing is, social media might be most effective as a business tool — and specifically as an avenue for lead generation — when we’re not treating it as one.

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Talk to Your Clients! Fostering Communication Through Service-Level Agreements

We know it’s extremely important to maintain open and regular communication with clients. Each team should be consistently tracking their efforts and goals and addressing any concerns along the way. Due to time restraints and other factors, that rarely happens – and that’s where a Service-Level Agreement steps in.

As sales professionals, we love annual contracts because we know that clients are going to spend throughout the course of a year. However, we cannot become apathetic and only talk to clients once a year.

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31 MORE Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Your Sales Team this Month

Motivational quotes related to sales and business success

It’s the time of year where competition is in the air. Not only is a little fantasy football floating around the office, but we’re about to tackle the end of another fiscal year. We’re all going for the “Hail Mary” pass with, what feels like, only seconds remaining on the clock.

Similar to having a successful season on your fantasy football league, having a great sales quarter takes strategy, skill and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. It’s nearing the beginning of the fourth quarter, so let’s kick it off with motivation for a strong finish.

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6 Common Objections Heard by Media Salespeople — and Responses that Improve Sales Performance

common objections heard by salespeopleEven media sellers who are skilled at talking about price and removing surprises throughout the sales process can encounter objections. Superstar sellers know that most strong responses to objections involve asking the prospect additional questions to get back to the desired business result, and most of these questions will logically lead to the next. 

Here’s a list of the most common objections heard by media salespeople along with ways you can respond to each. Feel free to keep this list handy — you might need it!

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Weekly Roundup: 2019 Sales Enablement Trends + More







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A Closer Look at Sales Enablement Trends in 2019 — LinkedIn

With a new NFL season set to get underway this week, I’m thinking about teamwork and complementary parts. A quarterback wouldn’t be too effective with no receivers to throw to. A running back is going nowhere without a line to run behind. And the entire defense would be lost without a coordinator and coaching staff in place to scout opponents, draw up schemes, and oversee execution on gameday.

Sales teams are similarly interdependent. To be successful, we need to work with one another and across departments (especially marketing). Not only this, but the most effective selling units are increasingly reliant on sales enablement tools and tactics.

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Improve Performance Through Better Communication: Create a User Guide

Improve Performance Through Better Communication: Create a User GuideAt one time or another, we’ve all wished that people came with an instruction manual. A guide that answered questions no one thinks to ask and provides information we often forget to share. Every big-ticket, important, valuable item comes with instructions. Why are people any different?  

The beauty of humanity is that we’re all unique. However, our differences often lead to frustration, miscommunication, lack of productivity, and can even end up threatening our job performance. How can you bypass miscommunication and anxiety? Develop a personal user guide!

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Tips for Balancing New Business Development and Servicing Current Customers (VIDEO)

On a scale from 1 to 5, one being extremely easy and five being extremely difficult, how easy is it for you to balance between new business development and servicing your current customers? 

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