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How to Actually Put Your Marketing Data to Use + More


Hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. How to Actually Put Your Marketing Data to Use — HBR

There is little doubt that Big Data and analytics are changing the face of marketing. But that doesn’t make marketing more strategic, just more precise. Strategy is essential, now more than ever. This article takes a look at what you need to consider when crafting your marketing strategy.

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10 Reasons Why Every Media Company Needs a B2B Website. . . Yesterday


All we talk about as marketers in the media industry is integrating digital strategies, the power of mobile, the online buyer’s journey, and everything in between. We tell our advertisers how important an online marketing strategy is in conjunction with their TV or Radio campaigns, and why taking ownership of your online presence is absolutely critical. We even teach our salespeople the power of social selling and personal branding in the increasingly digital world.

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How Your Media Sales Team Can Get More Appointments, Waste Less Time, and Sell More!


Being a media sales manager in 2015 is not an easy job. Chances are your sales team and every other media company you compete with sell some combination of digital solutions (search, social, mobile, video, display, etc.) in addition to your core products. To further complicate the sales process, lead generation strategies that worked well 10 years ago are now obsolete—the B2B buying cycle has changed.   

That being said, there are new strategies and tools that can be used to make media sales managers' lives (and their salespeoples') much easier. These tools help waste less time and lead to increases in revenue.

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The Case for Humble Executives + More


It's Friday, and time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. The Case for Humble Executives— The WSJ

Humility doesn't get a lot of attention when it comes to traits that make great leaders. But servant leadership gives executives an edge that leaders with big egos don't have. Their empathy enables them to build strong teams that accomplish more. There's a difference between confidence and ego. This article explains that when you combine humilty with confidence, your leadership skills improve.

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Be a Coach on the Sales Voice!


In an earlier post, we talked about being a judge on the Sales Voice and how to listen for great talent. Now let’s talk about coaching on the Sales Voice. 

So you decided to push your button and turned your chair. Now what?!

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Back to The Future of Sales and Marketing

The Future of Sales and Marketing

Predicting what the future will look like has become a pop culture phenomena. Movies like Tomorrowland, Terminator, Wall-E and Back to the Future have each provided us with the writers’ take on what the future holds for us and what we can change today to impact tomorrow.

As a sales manager, if you knew the future, wouldn’t you want to make changes today that drastically change the future prospects of your entire sales team?

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Be a Judge on The Sales Voice!


How do you know when you have the perfect candidate for a sales position? Is it their stellar resume? Do they look professional? Do they come highly recommended? That is what most managers look for when hiring. It’s the way it has always been done, right? 

What if you looked at hiring for your next sales position differently? Pretend for a moment that you are Blake Shelton or Adam Levine on The Voice and your chair is completely turned around. Now what?

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Is Display Advertising REALLY in Trouble? + More


Here we are at the end of another week! (They go by so fast, don't they??) It's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. Is Display Advertising Really in Trouble? HubSpot

Ad-blocking software has marketers worried, but is display advertising really in trouble? HubSpot has an interesting perspective to share in this blog post. Maybe all marketers need to do to see results is change the way they're using digital ads.

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Why Can’t Sales Candidates All Wear Talent Labels So I Know Exactly What I’m Getting?


I passed by a drink display at the grocery store the other day and one of the Coke cans caught my eye. In big bold letters it screamed out to shoppers the word, “Superstar.” You have probably seen the Coca-Cola can labels with the descriptions on them. The “Superstar” can was sitting between a can that said, “Friend” and one that said, “Dreamer.”

At first glance, all the cans looked exactly alike, but when you looked closer, they all had a different label.

It made me think about helping managers identify sales talent. Resumes today are often built using templates or professional assistance and they can make anyone look like a superstar. And, when you meet candidates in person, they look pretty similar on the outside, but when you look closer and ask the right questions, you can get a glimpse of how the person is wired, and whether or not he or she has a natural ability for sales. 

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Grow Future Leaders with Socraticship


I have noticed that many leaders I work with tend to retreat, decide, and dictate when the stakes are high and the stress is intense. True confession: I actually do this as well, but it’s easier to see how screwed up it is when I see others doing it! Right. I’m talking about times like budgeting for the new year or creating a new compensation plan to drive intended behaviors.

Here’s the irony. One of the common needs I hear expressed by those in the top sales leadership role in a company (business owners, VP Sales, Director of Sales, etc.) is how to develop the other sales managers in their organization. The ironic part is the greatest growth opportunities are these high stakes moments that fall on the top sales leader. Instead of retreating, deciding, and dictating, consider Socraticship. I know Socraticship is not really a word, but maybe it should be. Socraticship is Leadership that leads with questions, instead of answers.

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How Sales and Marketing Can Avoid Letting Each Other Down + More


It's Friday! Hope you've had a good week! Now it's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. How Sales and Marketing Can Avoid Letting Each Other Down — Salesforce

Sales and Marketing teams can work together to ensure leads get qualified and converted, and everyone is happy. This post offers some tips that show you how to make that happen. These tips are most relevant for a multi-step, complex sale environment.  

Topics: Inbound Marketing Sales Wrap-up

3 Tips to Use Google Analytics to Help You to Spot ROI


As digital marketing continues to grow, so does the demand for demonstrating an ROI. Marketers want to know that the dollars they are spending are making an impact on their business. They are looking for ways to use all of the available data in the digital space to help them correlate the dollars spent to tangible results. 

While there are a variety of website analytic tools that businesses can use, a good number of them are using Google Analytics. And why shouldn’t they? A free tool that can provide some great insights into how potential customers use a business website… seems like a no-brainer. 

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Improve Sales Performance with Inside Outside Leadership


As a leader, I am regularly called upon to make clear, focused decisions. I am also called upon to constantly survey new information to determine if anything might call recent decisions into question. I bet you find yourself in the same situation. Leaders have to learn how to live in this space.

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4 Data-Driven Questions to Streamline Your Social Media Campaigns + More


We've come to the end of the week once again, and it's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. 4 Data-Driven Questions to Streamline Your Social Media Campaigns — Unbounce

The key to being successful in your social media marketing lies in your data and analytics—gaining insight into what works and then doing more of it. This post covers four questions that help you understand your social media analytics. 

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Hiring Salespeople: The Secret Talent Stash


I learned a lot from my grandparents over the years, but the most useful gem they left me with is the secret of the Gift Closet. Everyone should have one. Let me tell you about mine. Picture a deep closet in the master bedroom hallway designed to hold towels, linens, and probably a vacuum cleaner—but instead, it is stocked with the following: 

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