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A Sales Managers' Role in Discovery Meetings

A Sales Managers Role in Discovery Meetings

Discovery meetings are a vital tool for uncovering new business opportunities. In these conversations, sales managers and sellers have a unique chance to learn about potential clients, understand their challenges, and present solutions tailored to their needs. The key to an effective discovery meeting lies in the ability to ask thoughtful questions, actively listen, and establish genuine rapport.

This article explores best practices for conducting productive discovery meetings. For sales managers, it provides insights into sharpening your skills in this area. For business owners, it illuminates the significance of discovery meetings in locating new opportunities. Whether you want to enhance your capabilities or gain a better grasp of these influential conversations, this piece highlights strategies to make discovery meetings a competitive advantage.

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Don’t Let That Stop You: Overcoming Objections in Discovery Meetings

Overcoming Objections in Discovery Meetings

One of the most important, and often most fun, parts of the sales process is discovery meetings. These are often referred to as “needs analysis meetings,” and their main goal is to uncover the desired business results of the prospect or client.

The success of these meetings lies in both the setup and the execution.

It’s important to:

  • Prepare yourself and the prospect or client by sharing an agenda and expectations for the meeting.

  • Create psychological safety to help prospects and clients let their guard down and open up for a more honest discussion, whether in person or with a shared screen remotely.

  • Master the art of asking questions to uncover key information.

  • Use a Needs Analysis process to uncover desired business results, prioritize the most important needs first, and confirm next steps.
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