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Defining Your 21st Century Sales Strategy

sales raceThought:  Maybe the sales staff for the 21st century should look different than the sales staff of the 20th century

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Who Won the Integrated Media Solutions Event of the Year?

Tweet This!During last night’s game, The Center for Sales Strategy invited people to provide live commentary about the commercials of Super Bowl 45 via Twitter. The result? A shared conversation about real-time events among 183 participants, who exchanged 1, 131 comments.

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Your Tweets Can Make a Difference! Join The Center for Sales Strategy

TweetWe've spent the last month giving you reasons to join us as we live Tweet our reactions to the Super Bowl ads. We sincerely hope you’ll share your insights during the CSS Ad Bowl. Besides playing with the cool kids, honing your social media skills and picking up new ideas to discuss with clients, you’ll also contribute to a great cause.

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The Super "Social Media" Bowl is this Sunday!

internet cyberspace 2This Sunday there’s a football game, and many of us be talking more about our favorite commercial than our favorite team. Advertisers will be using traditional media’s biggest stage to springboard to digital media and fans will be holding a beverage in one hand and texting and tweeting with the other.

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