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The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

Sales Strategy Lessons from the World of Endurance Sports

finish lineAt The Center for Sales Strategy, we have a number of distance runners, cyclists and triathletes on staff--more than what you might expect from a company our size. At first, I thought it seemed unusual that we’d have such a high concentration of endurance athletes. As I've thought more about this, I've concluded it makes perfect sense. We turn talent into performance for our clients every day; it's logical we'd use the same tools to achieve success in our personal lives.

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Digital Revenue Generator Increases Revenue and Digital Sales

digital revenueThe Center for Sales Strategy launched a new service called the Digital Revenue Generator that takes a different approach to helping companies build their digital revenue--a sequential approach combining training, coaching, and on-going support to help traditional media salespeople become more comfortable and effective selling digital. Matt Sunshine will run the Digital Division for The Center for Sales Strategy. As former Director of Digital for Susquehanna, and now Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy, he sees a large gulf between those who speak digital and those who speak analog.

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