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Why Media Sales Professionals Want More Effective Marketing Strategies with Dani Buckley

ISP Dani

In this episode, we’re continuing our exploration of the recently published Media Sales Report by looking at what sellers and managers say about their company’s marketing strategy.

Here to help Matt investigate why so many are dissatisfied with their organization’s current marketing plan is Dani Buckley, VP/General Manager at LeadG2.

Dani, as always, offers some amazing points to think about, like:

  • Why, when sellers aren’t happy with their company’s marketing efforts, often its a lack of sales and marketing alignment that is really the issue at hand.

  • How conducting a content audit is imperative when considering a sales enablement overhaul.

  • And, finally, how if media companies don’t have a website that’s both educational and easy to navigate, many prospects will simply find their solutions elsewhere.
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6 Ways B2B Marketing And Sales Leaders Can Take Collaboration To The Next Level


Effective marketing and sales alignment doesn’t happen without the dedication of determined leaders. When you consider that a lack of alignment between marketing and sales can cost companies up to 10% of their revenue each year, it puts the severity of the issue front and center. However, the importance of collaboration between the units isn’t limited to financial performance. It impacts the way your employees work with each other, and the way they demonstrate your value proposition to customers. Marketing and sales leaders must make a commitment to come together to better serve their customers, their team members, and the company stakeholders.

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