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SALES DEVELOPMENT: Listening Your Way Into a Sale

earLast week, I had the chance to speak at a leadership conference for roughly 150 executives from the home furnishings industry, including manufacturers, designers, import/export specialists, and retailers. We talked about the state of the economy, the mood of consumers, and the challenges that lie ahead.

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10 Killer Sales Recruitment Tactics

eBookIt seems like every day there are more and more articles written on how to recruit and hire the next great sales person. Unfortunately all of these articles seem to say the exact same thing. Those of you who have been at this a while know there are some trusted methods that seem to produce better results than others. We've compiled those ideas into an ebook where we share some of the innovative ideas that many top managers are using to hire great sellers.

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SALES DEVELOPMENT: 5 Ways to Grow Revenue Without Selling New Customers

business dealMost sales leaders talk too much  about new business development. The truth is: they would be better off yapping less about selling new customers and yapping more about growing existing customers.

Here are five selling techniques you can use to grow revenue without selling new customers:

1.  List your current customers from top spender to bottom. Spend more face time with the top 25%.

2.  Find five accounts with significant spending upside in the remaining 75% of your list.  Hyper focus your upsell efforts on these accounts.

3.  Talk to every existing customer in the next 30 days. Look for one problem they need help with, and develop and sell them a solution to the problem.

4.  Ask each current customer for an internal referral to someone else in their organization who could benefit from your expertise.

5.  Give three current billing accounts to somebody else. Dump accounts that spend little and eat up valuable time (this will free up time to do the other things on this list).

 A sales strategy designed to increase revenue from existing customers will pay dividends—and muffle the barking about new business development.

Kurt Sima is a VP/Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy

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COACHING SALESPEOPLE: Enough about YOU – Let’s talk about ME!

feedbackWhen is the last time that someone sat you down, focused all of their attention on you, and talked to you about the things that you do really well? 

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Sales Recruitment: Are Your Sellers Paid to Do What They Are Made to Do?

runnerI am a runner. Sometimes, when I am out on the road, I experience what many people call a “runner’s high.” During those brief moments, when it all comes together, I feel as if I was made to run. Every thought becomes clear, every step is synchronized, and every breath is easy. In those moments, everything feels right, and I want to spend more time running.

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Don't Give Up... On Elvis (or Your Sales Strategy)!

ElvisI bet you're thinking what does the phrase "don't give up" have to do with Elvis and what could this possibly be doing on a blog about Sales Strategy!!! Great questions, and in a second, I think it will all become very clear. Turns out, that Jerry Weintraub (Legendary Hollywood producer and promoter) practiced a principle that we talk about a lot at The Center: Don’t Give Up!

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5 Things Bigfoot Can Teach Us About Sales Strategy


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Their Business IS YOUR BUSINESS. It's Customer Focused Selling!

stressJust who do you think you are? Just because you “look” the part, speak the language and have the innate ability to command attention with your good looks, winning personality and dapper attire, doesn’t mean you have earned the right to walk through my door and ask me about my business! Ok, ok… I realize that might be a bit harsh, but it does set the stage for this post. Keep reading, I promise it gets better... in about two minutes you’ll get some ideas to help you sharpen your sales approach.

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Kids These Days! Sales Coaching Strategies for the Under 30 Crowd

under-30In 1956 Elvis Presley shocked adult audiences by shaking his hips on the Ed Sullivan Show and was often viewed by those more “mature” as inappropriate. In the mid-1960’s the Beatles came along and confused the older generation with their mop-top hairstyles and their cheeky, sometimes irreverent attitudes.

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Is Your Integrated Marketing Solution Optimized for Mobile?

cellWhen analyzing history, we can sometimes predict what the future will bring. I'm not talking about a Sci Fi adventure series or even the new fall line up of reality shows on History Channel. I'm talking about realizing and accepting that mobile, if not part of your digital sales vernacular today, should be tomorrow.

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