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Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression — Make it Count!

Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression — Make it Count!

We’ve all heard, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” This applies to so many facets of life, and when it comes to sales, that first 7-10 seconds can make or break you.

Our brains make a thousand computations during the first seven seconds we see someone. That means within seven seconds, the person across from you is assessing whether you’re likable, trustworthy, and competent.

Is the impression you create a blend of your personality, body language, and communication skills? If not, it should be!

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Navigating the Sales Landscape: Striking the Balance Between Professionalism and Applying Pressure

Navigating the Sales Landscape

In the dynamic world of sales, striking a balance between professionalism and pressure is a delicate art. While closing deals is the goal, maintaining professionalism is crucial for building lasting relationships and fostering trust with potential customers.

Here are some best practices to help you move sales forward without crossing the line into pushiness.

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Scary Good Advice to Avoid Being Ghosted by Prospects

Scary Good Advice to Avoid Being Ghosted by Prospects

By now, you’ve realized that regurgitated sales techniques and tactics aren’t working – including the approach you take with your sales proposal.

You need something more. What you need is a well-crafted document that hits the right tone and authentically convinces your great lead to close the deal. But sometimes, even with a data-focused, detail-driven proposal, that great lead disappears in the abyss, and before you know it, you realize you’ve been ghosted.

Fear not; we’ve brewed up three tactics that will help your sales proposals convert more prospects at a high rate!

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5 Email Strategies That Open Doors

5 Email Strategies That Open Doors

Getting through to a potential customer or prospect is more challenging than ever. The email inbox, once a haven for personal messages, has become a battleground for attention. With the average person receiving dozens, if not hundreds, of emails daily, standing out is essential. 

For businesses, the goal is not just to be noticed but to initiate meaningful conversations and, ultimately, set up that all-important initial meeting.

Let's dive into effective ways to seize a prospect's attention with your emails.

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A Sales Managers' Role in Discovery Meetings

A Sales Managers Role in Discovery Meetings

Discovery meetings are a vital tool for uncovering new business opportunities. In these conversations, sales managers and sellers have a unique chance to learn about potential clients, understand their challenges, and present solutions tailored to their needs. The key to an effective discovery meeting lies in the ability to ask thoughtful questions, actively listen, and establish genuine rapport.

This article explores best practices for conducting productive discovery meetings. For sales managers, it provides insights into sharpening your skills in this area. For business owners, it illuminates the significance of discovery meetings in locating new opportunities. Whether you want to enhance your capabilities or gain a better grasp of these influential conversations, this piece highlights strategies to make discovery meetings a competitive advantage.

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3.5 Unbeatable Tactics to Skyrocket Your Appointments

3 Tips to Supercharge Appointment Setting

The difference between success and failure is your new business!

Even the most seasoned sales veteran will experience 30% attrition every year. That means if we do not add new business in three years, your sales will dwindle to almost nothing. And if you add 30% in new business or incremental business each year, you'll basically just be treading water, not actually growing.

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Sales Process Improvement to Grow Revenue Performance

Sales Process Improvement to Grow Revenue Performance

As a business owner or sales leader, you understand how important your sales process is to the success of your company.

But are you certain that your sales process is as effective as it can be?

If so, a consulting organization such as The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) may be able to help.

CSS focuses on assisting businesses in improving their sales performance. Their consultants are professionals in creating sales tactics that increase revenue. This blog will look at how CSS consultants may help you enhance your sales process and increase revenue performance.

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A Guide to Sales CRM: Strategies to Streamline Your Sales Process

Mastering Sales CRM

In this fast-paced digital era, staying ahead of the competition requires mastering the art of customer relationship management (CRM).

A robust sales CRM system is the key to optimizing your sales process, improving team productivity, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

From selecting the right CRM platform to implementing automation and analytics, we will uncover the secrets to maximizing your sales efforts.

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How to Use Tension to Advance the Sale


How to Use Tension to Advance the Sale

Salespeople often slow down a sale or lose it altogether because they are not willing to create tension. I am not talking about relationship tension. I am talking about task tension.  

You want to get to task tension as quickly as you can. This is what sales acceleration is all about. However, smart salespeople know you need to create a foundation of relationships—essentially reducing relationship tension so you can create task tension. You can’t rush to task tension until you remove relationship tension. You remove relationship tension by helping the prospect see that you are someone who can be trusted and could bring value.

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Overcoming the Summer Sales Slump in 2023

Overcoming the Summer Sales Slump in 2023

The summer months can be challenging for salespeople, as many potential clients may be taking vacations or shifting their focus to 2024.

However, with the right strategies in place, salespeople can overcome the summer sales slump and keep their numbers up. Let’s explore the top five ways for salespeople to stay productive and successful during the summer months.

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