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Identifying Redundancies for Sales Managers: What To Know

Identify Redundancies

Approximately 1.2 million employees were laid off or discharged in December 2021. As businesses recover from the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, identifying redundancies is essential for growth.

But what is redundancy?

In this article, we explain how overlooking signs of redundancy is affecting your business and how you can start strategizing for redundancy.

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Weekly Roundup: 2022's Economic Slowdown + More

2022s Economic Slowdown


"A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example."



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The Top 3 Things to Consider for 2022's Economic Slowdown– The Great Game of Business

In 2021, industrial sectors experienced Accelerating Growth, creating crunches on capacity, exacerbating concerns surrounding the labor market, prompting a willingness to purchase raw materials at higher costs than perhaps would have otherwise been desired.

Folks, we are moving into a period of slowing growth. It is still growth, but not at the pace that you’ve come to know and most likely expect. >>> READ MORE

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Retain and Grow Top Performers with a Development Plan

Retain and Grow Top Performers with a Development Plan

The top organizations in any marketplace place a high value on their people because they are the foundation on which success is built.

They place an even higher value on managers who can develop top performers. Yet, all too often, business leaders hire people they believe in and sit back to see what they can do.

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10 Ways to Encourage Employee Development

10 Ways to Encourage Employee Development

In this revamped corporate world, organizations are increasingly investing in employee experiences.

The emphasis is on employee reskilling and upskilling with the view to build competitive advantages
that will help organizations navigate the future. This explains why businesses are aligning their
growth strategies with employee development.

Employee learning and development are now at the core of key priorities that any organization has.

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Blue Pill Red Pill in the Needs Analysis

Blue Pill Red Pill

Your biggest competition in B2B sales can be what might be described as the comfort of the blue pill, as made famous in the Matrix series.

In the movie, Morpheus, describes the blue pill as waking up in your bed and believing whatever you want to believe.

There's a natural desire for prospects to want to believe things are good and have a preference for doing nothing. At least nothing in relation to your product or service.

The blue pill and red pill choice that Morpheus gives Neo in the Matrix comes into play in sales when you have insights. The red pill is one that may prompt the prospect to make changes in their status quo. It’s a choice the client must make for themselves, but your approach will have a great influence on that choice.

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Everything You Need To Know About Social Selling

Social Selling

Are you tired of getting nowhere with cold calls and emails? Your business needs new customers, but cold traffic takes a long time to convert. Some people won't bother responding to you.

Social selling can help. This sales method focuses on relationship building through social media.

Social selling doesn't involve spamming your way in front of people. Instead, you get to know people before making an offer.

You may know a connection for several months before they become a client. Social selling ensures they remember you fondly and become warm leads.

We'll dive into everything you need to know about social selling. Let's get started with strategies and resources to help you succeed.

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Weekly Roundup: Mistakes Managers Make + More

Mistakes Managers Make


"Great leaders don't tell you what to do. They show you how it's done."



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Bring Up Your Competitors When Selling? This Sales Leader Says Yes – LinkedIn

How’s this for a sales technique – proactively bringing up your competition in a prospecting call.

I know, I know; it sounds counter-intuitive, presumably self-defeating. But, according to LinkedIn Vice President of Global Sales Solutions Alyssa Merwin Henderson, it “can be really helpful in differentiating you from every other person your prospect is talking to.”

Why? >>> READ MORE

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4 Habits of Highly Successful Sales Managers Who Retain Their Top Performers

habits of highly successful sales managers retain top performersSCENARIO: For the first time in a long time, you have sales positions open, but the most talented salespeople likely are already employed elsewhere. 

Even the most successful sales managers can find themselves in this situation if they aren't intentional with their management practices and focused on retention.

Recruiting and filling your talent bank is important. Even so, don't lose focus on the effort it takes to retain top talent. There’s always a strain on your resources when you try to scramble to fill a vacant sales position, but it’s a double-whammy when the vacancy is left by your superstar performer.

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The Link Between Healthy Habits and Healthy Pipelines

The Link Between Healthy Habits and Healthy Pipelines

Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Mark Cuban — all agree that one habit is a key ingredient to success.

Practicing good health habits by eating right and exercising each day is what these billionaires, and 21 others, agree helped create the foundation for their businesses and financial success. Your habits and routines determine your success and your future. In order to see the true benefits of any effort, you must be disciplined and consistent.

The same holds true when developing new business. It takes that same effort and discipline to consistently create a healthy sales pipeline.

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Weekly Roundup: Recruiting with Super Bowl Swag, Workplace Trends + More

Recruiting with Super Bowl Swag


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Lessons from the Underdogs: How to Recruit with Super Bowl Swag – Lever

 With Super Bowl LVI almost here, I think many people would agree it’s not the matchup they expected. 

But isn’t that what we’re all trying to do: win when we need to? Whether it’s finding strong talent, hitting that revenue target that seems out of reach, or hiring our enormous quota as it grows month over month, it’s what talent professionals are tasked with achieving every day.

With winning in mind, here are four recruiting tips to help you channel your own Super Bowl swagger this week (and beyond) and, in turn, elevate your talent acquisition game. >>> READ MORE

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5 Questions Sales Leaders Ask to Improve Sales Performance

5 Questions Sales Leaders Ask to Improve Sales Performance

Inquiry is a powerful motivator. We use it to fuel conversations, problem-solve, and, ultimately, improve sales performance.

High-value questions are a driving force to much-needed mental shifts — especially in today’s environment. When your mindset changes, so does your behavior. As sales leaders, we can’t control market conditions, but we can influence a few things like choices.

Below are five questions we challenge sales leaders to ask their salespeople every week if they want to improve sales performance, fill their funnel full of new prospects, and increase customer loyalty.

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10 Delivery-Related Issues Affecting Sales Managers

10 Delivery-Related Issues Affecting Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible for overseeing the success of a company’s sales department. However, unless sales managers can cooperate with the production/service delivery teams, it will be difficult for sales to back up their promises and/or fulfill the customer’s needs.

Most sales teams know that a successful delivery strategy is essential in the modern era, even if accomplishing this goal is easier said than done. But, by leveraging our tips, your own customer research, and back-and-forth team communication, several delivery-related issues are solvable.

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Using Industry Insights to Get in the Door

using industry insights to get in the doorHave you ever stopped and wondered how many other salespeople are trying to get a meeting with the same prospect as you?

It’s a pretty overwhelming number when you think about it. Day-in and day-out, decision makers are being bombarded with voicemails, emails, drop-ins, and various other methods your competition is using to gain access.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s tough to cut through the clutter. Leading with a compelling insight that you can turn into a valid business reason (VBR) is essential for your prospect to want to connect with you.

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19 Time-Saving Strategies and Tools for Sales Teams

19 Time-Saving Strategies and Tools for Sales Teams

More sales equal more revenue, more business opportunities, and more motivation. Thus, streamlining your sales team’s work is the backbone of expanding your company.

How can you do that?

This article discusses 19 time-saving strategies and tools that help sales teams focus on reaching out to the right customers who convert quickly.

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Weekly Roundup: Remove Emotions, Sales Songs + More

Sales Songs


"Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen."



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Remove the Emotions and Plan With Confidence – The Great Game of Business Blog

One of the most critical values that ITR Economics provides is removing the emotion from your business planning. Every business leader faces ever-daunting questions, such as “is this the right decision?” or “is this the right time?” or “how can I be sure?”

To help with the psychological aspects of managing a business, ITR has created a roadmap based on the Business Cycle. They’ve divided the Business Cycle into four phases and have designated specific business practices for each phase. >>> READ MORE

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Sales Strategy: How Preparation Speeds Up the Sales Process

Sales Strategy How Preparation Speeds Up the Sales Process

New business efforts are full steam ahead!

As we help execute new business sales drives for different sales organizations from all over the country, we're uncovering a significant difference between how management feels this should be accomplished versus the salespeople charged with generating the revenue.

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Improving Sales Performance, Jim Doyle, ServantSellingBook.com

ISP_Ep.45__ Cover Graphic

This episode of Improving Sales Performance takes an interesting twist where host Matt Sunshine interviews a big competitor of The Center for Sales Strategy. And while we are competitors, there is one thing we absolutely agree on, and that is creating impact for clients. 

Tune in as Jim Doyle and Matt Sunshine discuss servant leadership, selling with a servant heart, and lessons to help sales leaders coach, lead, and manage servant heart sellers.

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7 Personality Traits of Salespeople That Count in Conversions

7 Personality Traits of Salespeople That Count in Conversions

There's hardly any organization that would not want its salespeople to be well-groomed and highly presentable.

Every employer understands well that in sales, the personalities of salespeople are vital in driving conversions. So, as someone looking to gain great success in sales, you need to work on your personality traits. But what are the best personality traits in sales that enhance the prospects of success?

In this blog, we find relevant answers to this vital question that has a direct correlation with your career advancement in sales. With the traits mentioned here, you can optimize your performance in terms of lead to customer conversion rate.

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