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The Unsexy Side of Selling Digital Advertising

selling digitalNo question, some amazing online and cross platform campaigns have been produced this year. One of my personal favorites is Intel's Museum of Me. When I see these robust, multimedia campaigns come to life on my iPad, iPhone, or PC screen I am quick to post, Tweet and email links to friends and coworkers who will think it equally as cool. Because after all, when done right, it's another form of entertainment! With all that sizzle online creative can deliver, how much goes into building, designing and implementing such cool ideas?

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5 Elements of a Quality Sales Organization

numbersToo many people focus on quantity. You've heard this: It's a numbers game. Give me more, more, more! This seems to be the rallying cry of most leaders these days. As more organizations become seduced by the concept of quantity, many have walked away from the concept of quality.

I'm a big fan of quality. One does not exist without the other. Quality leads to quantity in just about everything in the business world (and life). If you want to improve sales performance in your organization, here are five areas that should have a foundation of quality: 

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Professional Branding Lessons From Drew Manning’s Fit2Fat2Fit Journey

drew manningCrazy. Brave. Passionate. Confident. These are the words I would use to describe Drew Manning, the personal trainer who embarked on a journey to go from fit to fat to fit again all in a year’s time. Drew spent the last six months gaining nearly 80 pounds, and on Monday, he will begin the process of taking it off. I just heard about Drew yesterday, so I’m a little behind. However, I’m fascinated by this story, and the social networking and professional branding takeaways.

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Expanding Your Sphere of Influence Leads to Increased Sales Performance

Sphere of InfluenceExpanding your sphere of influence—and getting to know more people within your current customer base—makes common sense. It also makes good business sense.

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Five Ways to Play "Moneyball" when Hiring and Coaching Salespeople

moneyball movieMy understanding of the game of baseball is essentially, well, zero.  And to be truthful, my interest in watching the sport is just about the same. So, why was I so anxious to see the movie, “Moneyball?”  (No - it wasn’t only because Brad Pitt was in every scene. Entirely.)  I wanted to see it because it tells the tale of a ballclub on a budget that turned to science in order to find talent and build an unbeatable team. I’m a Talent Analyst – how could I pass that up?

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