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The 5 Most Popular Posts from 2016


We publish a lot of posts on our blog in our effort to help sales managers and salespeople get better results. Every so often, we look back at our analytics to see which posts were the most popular, so we know what's of interest to people (and what we need to focus on with upcoming posts). 

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Avoid These 8 Common Business Blogging Mistakes


Blogging is no longer just for personal use. Businesses, including B2B companies, use blogs as a platform to connect with their target audience and increase awareness about their brands. If you are running or managing the sales department of a B2B company and you don’t have a blog for your business yet, you may want to consider starting one due to its various benefits.

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A Little Pat on the Back


We have to give ourselves a little pat on the back, because last week we were featured in a prominent list of recommended sales blogs!

This is exciting for us to see, since our consultants and sales trainers are so dedicated to sharing their expertise and tips here. It's encouraging to see that we are making a difference! If you want to check it out, here are the details:

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Clear the Runway, So Your Blog Can Take Off!

Of course you’re familiar with Microsoft Word. And of course you’ve seen those wavy red and green lines in your drafts—those lines that remind us to check spelling and sentence structure. You, me, and every 4th grader on the planet use Microsoft Word in a thousand different ways every day!
But did you know that there are three other interesting little functions, hidden deeper in Microsoft Word, that COULD be the key to your blogging success? They could help you communicate your ideas to a larger group of readers, and make those readers more receptive to your blog posts. 
Called “Readability Statistics,” these tools can help you gain insight into your writing on a deeper level. 
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Sales Strategy and Sales Management: What's Important to You?

sales strategy and sales managementAs we head into mid-February, it makes sense to take a look back and review some of the top blog postings of 2012.

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Generate Quality Leads… Here’s How to Do It in 561 Words!

How_to_Create_a_Sales_Job_Description_that_isn’t_a_Waste_of_TimeGenerating qualified leads with inbound marketing is not complicated or difficult.  It’s a repeatable process that can be broken down in only 561 words!

  • Create a blog and graciously share information that matters to your business and your customers – this means regularly share insight, expertise, real world scenarios and stories that will suck your readers in and keep their attention until the end of the post.  Give them information they can use and commit to providing valuable content. Keep it real...no nonsense here.
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