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The Expert's Guide to a Successful Sales Organization Structure

Experts Guide to Sales Structure

Sales organizations have evolved over the years, and the old hierarchical structure just won’t do anymore.

A successful sales organization structure allows you to maximize your profit. This article will help you get started.

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How to Improve Your Workflow With Limited Staff

How to Improve Your Workflow With Limited Staff

Improving your staff's productivity and efficiency is difficult when there are so few of you. That doesn’t mean it isn’t impossible to delegate work in a way that compensates for being short-staffed, but sooner or later, you’ll need to find the right sales structure for balance or hire more employees, or you risk burnout.

Hiring employees may be the best option if you’re experiencing a sudden influx of work. There's also the option for leased employees, who can be placed as temporary workers and don’t require you to handle their HR or payroll employment duties.

First, let’s take a look at how your company can stay productive without hiring more employees. Then, we’ll show you the telltale signs of when it’s time to take the outsourcing plunge.

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Improving Sales Performance - IMPACT Your Sales Process: Sales Structure


To establish the foundation for sustainable business growth, a solid sales structure must be built layer by layer. People, resources, and processes must align and work together to produce the best results for your organization.

Is your current sales structure designed for the results you want?

In Episode 26, Mike Paterson, President / General Manager at Mid-West Family Illinois, discusses how sales leaders can make an IMPACT on their sales process through sales structure.

Tune in now to hear the Live broadcast or keep reading for a brief overview.

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Why Your Current Sales Structure is Not Producing the Activity You Need

Why Your Current Sales Structure is Not Producing the Activity You Need

Without quality activity, sales teams fall short of their performance goals.

If it seems that more than a third, or even more than half, of your team is struggling with producing quality activity, it’s time to take a hard look at your sales structure, because your sales structure is perfect­ly designed for the results you’re getting.

To identify where you might have a problem with your sales structure, break the sales process into three key areas:

  • Generating Leads
  • Selling Solutions
  • Serving Clients

Is there one clear area that more than a third of your team is struggling with?

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How the Right Sales Team Structure Can Maximize Revenue Performance [VIDEO]

Matt Sales team Structure and Revenue

Increasing sales productivity and performance is a top challenge for any sales leader. One study even found that it surpasses the obstacles of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Data suggests that salespeople spend as little as 23% of their time actually selling. In conjunction, the 2020 Media Sales Report found that nearly 1 out of every 3 (31%) of salespeople spend 20-25% of their time in discovery meetings.

Sales managers try various things to hit their targets: hiring more reps, reassigning territories, changing compensation plans… and more. Yet there’s one thing that most organizations have not tried, and when done correctly, you’ll see the growth and revenue performance you desire.

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Improving Sales Performance | Executive Leadership Tips for Building a Successful Sales Culture

ISP 17 Elissa-2

What are some common obstacles that stand in the way of a successful sales culture? And how should sales organizations use social media to help drive revenue?

These questions and more were answered in Episode 17 of the Improving Sales Performance series. In case you missed the Live broadcast, here’s a breakdown of Elissa Nauful’s, Digital Media, Marketing and Social Advisor, insights for executive leaders who want to build a successful sales culture.

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Why Good Salespeople Leave

Why Good Salespeople Leave

According to a DePaul University study, the average turnover cost per Account Executive (AE) is $97,690 when you add up recruiting costs, training costs, and lost sales. So, if you lose five AEs in one year - you’re close to losing nearly a half a million dollars. 

Couple that with the fact that in a Glassdoor survey, only 19% of AE’s have no immediate plans leave their companies, but 68% of AE’s plan to look for a job within the next year.  

Why do sales reps leave? And what can your sales organization do to stop your top sellers from leaving?

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Improving Sales Performance | Media Sales Report | Sales Department Structure: Size and Compensation

large-ISP_MediaSalesReport_Ep__ 3_COVER

Season 2 of the Improving Sales Performance Series focuses on the data and analysis of the newly released Media Sales Report. Partner and VP Senior Consultant Stephanie Downs and VP Senior Consultant Emily Estey at The Center for Sales Strategy, joined Matt Sunshine to discuss the Sales Department Structure section of the Media Sales Report, specifically looking at data on sales department size and compensation of sellers.

You can stream it now to hear their insight, advice, and initial thoughts after analyzing the data that was just published. Or keep reading for a brief overview.

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Different Types of Sales Organizational Structures

Different Types of Sales Organizational Structures

Are you trying to organize your sales team? Are you trying to figure out what the best sales organizational structure is  or trying to identify the problem within your current structure?

Determining the best way to organize your sales team is important, and we're sure that you're looking to find the most efficient sales structure. Your sales team organization matters, because it can affect the sales that you make and the revenue you bring in.

Let's talk about what the different kinds of sales organizational structures are and list some pros and cons. Then, we can discuss how you should go about organizing your own sales team.

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The Lone-Wolf Sales Model is Making Your Life Tougher than It Needs to Be

Lone Wolf Sales Model

At The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), we’re big believers in talent. And nothing confirms our trust in talent more than when we witness a direct connection between the talent level of a given salesperson and the success they achieve.

When highly talented, that success happens more quickly and it lasts over the long haul — and when talent is softer, success is modest at best. Same is true for highly talented sales staffs versus those less talented. 

But our confidence in the predictable relationship between strong sales talent and strong sales performance has confirmed something else — talent is rare and precious. Talented salespeople are worth their weight in gold not only because they produce prodigious returns on the investment employers make in them, but also because they’re so darn hard to find.

And a staff full of such salespeople? A sales manager should count themselves an unusually outstanding recruiter and manager if half the staff is highly talented. 

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