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Olympians—and Top Sales Performers—are 'Born this Way'

sales talent developmentEvery fourth summer, a great many of us spend much more time watching TV than we did the previous three summers. It’s the Olympics, of course, and our eyes are drawn to the tube by the incredible athletic talent on display. But do we realize just how important, how determinative, that talent is?

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Award Winning Sales Performance with This Secret Recipe

top talentServing up the ideal sales person for your team to increase sales performance is much like creating the ultimate masterpiece in the kitchen. Like a culinary chef, you must know the significance of each ingredient you are using, meticulously measure each one, and mix them together perfectly to prepare dishes that meet everyone’s needs. If one significant ingredient is missing, it can destroy the entire meal and leave everyone wanting more. Hiring sales people and coaching them is much like preparing your favorite dish. 

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Standing Out in a Negation Nation

sales strategyOne of the industry newsletters I subscribe to comes from FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), whose work is centered on lending and banking analytics. A recent issue warned against operational negation. That is, behavioral contradictions which can send the customer conflicting signals.

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10 Tips for Creating Killer Content for Your Blog

content creationWhether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been involved with your organization’s lead generation efforts for years, at some point, you’ll hit the wall when it comes to content creation. It can be daunting to come up with something new to say every day. The next time you need something to write about, try one of these tips.

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Google's 'Mute This Ad' is a Glass Half Full

selling digital advertisingIt's official. Google is giving users the opportunity to mute an ad and not see another one from that particular campaign within their display network. This is good news for both advertisers and those who sell digital advertising. Here's why the glass is half full:

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Why Pepsi's over-reliance on social media hurt their business

social mediaIf you sell media, buy media or run a business, you should read the The Face-to-Face Book, by Ed Keller and Brad Fay. Here are some highlights from the book.  

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Just Released: Digital Integrated Marketing Infographic

When it comes to conveying your message to your audience, you'll find the sweet spot when you combine the power of traditional media with digital media. The integrated marketing solution provides prospects and customers with both the spark of interest and the depth of information they require to make a buying decision.

Integrated Marketing Solution
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Hire for Talent, Train for Skill Development

sales performanceEven the most talented professionals need skill development—which is why professionals across all industries seek out training and coaching. If you think about the critical skill set that leads to success in your sales organization, what does that list look like? When is the last time you audited your sales organization to determine the skill level of the individuals on your sales team? 

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The Number One Reason Sales People Leave an Organization

retaining sales peopleI recently talked with a person in senior leadership who told me his company hired a salesperson six months ago who took an $80,000 pay cut to come to work for them. She left an obviously lucrative sales job in a bigger company because, despite her level of achievement and huge revenue contribution, she felt no appreciation for her accomplishments and, was being forced into a rigid sales structure totally foreign to what made her successful.

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How to Make Overcoming Call Reluctance Part of a Sales Strategy

call reluctanceEven the best sellers have some level of call reluctance—the fear of having a conversation with a new business prospect or an existing client. Call reluctance can occur in the following situations:

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