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LinkedIn is Your Secret Weapon for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is your Secret Weapon for B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to B2B lead generation, leveraging the right platforms is a practical step for growth.

Among the myriad of available options, LinkedIn stands out as a powerhouse for connecting businesses with ideal prospects. With an extensive professional network predominantly composed of business professionals, LinkedIn offers outstanding opportunities for lead generation.

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Using The Consumer Journey to Sell Solutions

propose solutions around the consumer journey


As salespeople, we are trained to ask questions that uncover the needs of our prospects and then create a tailored solution based on the products we have to sell.

We present a solution and then explain why the products we recommend make sense. However, as a result of today’s complicated world of marketing, there is a need to evolve and improve because there is a key piece we often forget — consumer behavior.

Topics: Buyer's Journey

Renewal Realities: Navigating the Challenges of Client Retention

Renewal Realities

The 5th Annual Media Sales Report asked salespeople where their jobs are getting easier and where they are harder. 31% of salespeople responded that renewing clients is more challenging than ever before.

It's indeed crucial to recognize the evolving dynamics of client renewals in today's market landscape. With the increasing options available to clients, retaining them has become more challenging and important than ever before.

Here are some effective retention strategies that can be implemented throughout the sales process.

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Quick Take: The Future of Media Sales

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)-1

In this Quick Take episode, Matt wraps up our coverage of The 5th Annual Media Sales Report by spending a few minutes thinking about what this year’s findings can tell us about the future of the media sales industry.

In short, you’ll find that while obstacles are ever-present and, in many cases, more difficult than ever, media sales managers and salespeople alike seem to be up to the challenge.

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Innovative Recruitment Strategies: Thinking Beyond Traditional Approaches

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

We can all agree that finding top talent is a daunting task.

It's essential for organizations to adopt innovative recruitment strategies to attract candidates. Leaders who create a recruitment strategy and think beyond the traditional approaches have been able to attract more top performers and build stronger talent banks.

Topics: recruitment

You Can’t Coach from the Locker Room: 5 Ways to Boost Sales Productivity in the Field

You Can’t Coach from the Locker Room

Saban, Belichick, and Landy didn't sit in the locker room during games. How would they lead their team, make decisions, or make adjustments? They couldn't. They had to be on the field to coach their players.

Why do you think you can coach your salespeople from your office? You can't. Get in the field with your salespeople...NOW!!

So grab your clipboard, slap on your sunblock (because we’re going out there!), and let’s get our coaching game on.

Topics: sales coaching

Strategies for Cultivating Open Communication and Feedback

Strategies for Cultivating Open Communication and Feedback

The cultivation of open communication and a robust feedback culture is pivotal for sustained growth and success. Like many tactics for organizational growth, it sounds simple, but it is not always easy.

Let’s explore some actionable strategies aimed at empowering managers to actively seek and embrace feedback within their teams.

Topics: feedback

Why Media Sales Professionals Want More Effective Marketing Strategies with Dani Buckley

ISP Dani

In this episode, we’re continuing our exploration of the recently published Media Sales Report by looking at what sellers and managers say about their company’s marketing strategy.

Here to help Matt investigate why so many are dissatisfied with their organization’s current marketing plan is Dani Buckley, VP/General Manager at LeadG2.

Dani, as always, offers some amazing points to think about, like:

  • Why, when sellers aren’t happy with their company’s marketing efforts, often its a lack of sales and marketing alignment that is really the issue at hand.

  • How conducting a content audit is imperative when considering a sales enablement overhaul.

  • And, finally, how if media companies don’t have a website that’s both educational and easy to navigate, many prospects will simply find their solutions elsewhere.
Topics: B2B marketing podcasts

Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Think for a minute about the very best leader you ever had. Then, think about the worst.

Likely, you have definite feelings on both. How did you feel when you moved on from the job with that very best leader?

You probably had second thoughts and wondered if you could have made that position work for you despite changing circumstances.

What about that worst manager? You probably walked away without a backward glance, relieved to never see them again.

Topics: leadership sales coaching employee development

Resources for Consultants: Account List Management

Resources for Consultants

Do you know where 80% of your revenue comes from?

Most businesses would say they have a way they manage and prioritize their accounts, but few of them do it in a way that is strategic, consistent, and is woven into every sales decision they make. Leaders who have a strong Account List Management system should prioritize the following:

  • Retention of current customers
  • Growth of current customers
  • Development of new customers
Topics: account list management

Leadership Lessons: Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last

The book "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek offers profound insights into what it truly means to be a great leader. It challenges traditional notions of hierarchy, rank, and privilege and instead emphasizes the importance of building trust, safety, and purpose within a team.

Here are seven key lessons from the book.

Topics: leadership

Unleashing the Superstar Potential: Bridging the Gap in Sales Teams

Unleashing the Superstar Potential

The word “superstar” has a wide range of meanings for all of us. It might bring to mind a famous athlete or celebrity or someone we consider at the top of their game and well-known for their track record of success. 

But if there is one common thing every organization needs for success, it’s to have at least one sales superstar on their team. These are the sales stars who not only meet targets but also exceed them.  Their clients love working with them, and they retain and grow their clients year after year, all while finding new prospects and closing new business.

Topics: recruitment

Why Are Media Sales Managers Lacking Superstars? With Beth Sunshine

ISP Beth

In this episode, we’re once again consulting the latest Media Sales Report by The Center for Sales Strategy.

Today, we’re asking the question, “Why are so many media sales managers lacking superstar talent?”

Joining Matt to answer that question and more is the amazing Beth Sunshine, SVP/Talent Services here at CSS and the head of Up Your Culture, a division of CSS focusing on company culture and employee engagement.

Beth provides such valuable insights like:

  • How, contrary to popular belief, it’s not poor performers but average performers that weigh an organization down.

  • Why managers can’t nurture their superstar talents by “coaching from the locker room.”

  • And, finally, how if a seller has unrealized talent, the right mix of training and feedback can help transform them into a genuine superstar.
Topics: podcasts

Breaking Down the 76% Barrier: Strategies for Transforming Sales Teams

Strategies for Transforming Sales Teams

Imagine for a moment that you are the sales leader for a national media company. Picture your sales team and imagine the following scenario….

Your team is made up of 100 percent sales superstars who knock it out of the park and raise the bar day after day, week after week, month after month. Their potential for success is unlimited.

If that scenario sounds like a dream to you instead of a reality, you are in the majority.

Our just-released fifth annual Media Sales Report found that 76% of sales managers don’t consider most of their teams to be superstars.

Topics: leadership sales leadership

The Proper Way to Start a Business Conversation

The Proper Way to Start a Business Conversation

The best way to fall flat on your face in a business conversation is to start the conversation talking about business.

Cultivate the art of small talk, and chances are good that once you do get around to bantering about business, the conversation will be meaningful.

Topics: Needs Analysis prospecting

The Manager’s Journey:  Navigating the Path to Professional Growth

Navigating the Path to Professional Growth

Navigating the path to professional growth requires a mix of thoughtfulness, strategy, and accountability. Your growth is dependent on many things in life – your natural talents, the right career choice, the right leadership to support you, and your ability to create a growth plan for yourself.

With today’s vibrant and competitive landscape, the role of a manager grows more challenging every day. For you to flourish in your professional life, you need to be intentional and committed to yourself.

The incredible outcome of your professional growth is two-fold: you grow, and those around you grow as well. So, where do you begin? Let’s explore a few key ideas and strategies to help you achieve the growth you desire.

Topics: professional development leadership development