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All Eyes on Digital—Increasing Digital Revenue a Challenge to Sales Managers

Biggest_Challenges_Blog_Post_6-1The total-revenue budget is historically a media property’s single most important measure of success. If that number is hit, the pressure to make some of the lesser targets is greatly relieved. But that pattern has been changing in recent years.  

Today, the digital-revenue budget is often the one that gets the most scrutiny—from the boardroom all the way down through the organization to the newest seller on the team. It’s not only because the total-revenue number is getting tougher and tougher to hit, but because everyone knows that revenue related to digital offerings represents the future, and most everything else is part of a past that is destined to decrease over time.

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Digital Marketing: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 2)

digital marketing strategyIn Part 1 of this blog series, the question was asked: How do businesses use local media sites to effectively market their business? This is a digital marketing strategy question that is heard frequently and it is for that reason we set out to find an answer.

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 1)

Creating Digital Campaigns That Work
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Improving Digital Sales: Artie Decker's Tips to Being Relevant

Improving Digital SalesOn a recent client visit, the main purpose was to help them plan their 2013 strategy.  One of the topics we covered was how the management team and sales people could remain digitally relevant in 2013.   After seeing the movie "Parental Guidance," it was obvious one of the lead characters, Artie Decker could relate.

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How Much Digital Revenue Potential Is Out There?

digital revenueIf you're a business leader looking to advertise using digital—or you are a salesperson responsible for digital sales—knowing what your market is currently spending in digital advertising will help you gauge what kind of budget you may want establish for your online initiatives. If you don't currently know the current local DMR (Digital Marketing Revenue) for your market, Borrell and Associates has released a handy interactive map of over 500 regions where digital dollars are being spent. 

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Google's 'Mute This Ad' is a Glass Half Full

selling digital advertisingIt's official. Google is giving users the opportunity to mute an ad and not see another one from that particular campaign within their display network. This is good news for both advertisers and those who sell digital advertising. Here's why the glass is half full:

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Just Released: Digital Integrated Marketing Infographic

When it comes to conveying your message to your audience, you'll find the sweet spot when you combine the power of traditional media with digital media. The integrated marketing solution provides prospects and customers with both the spark of interest and the depth of information they require to make a buying decision.

Integrated Marketing Solution
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Do You Speak Digital? Or is it a Foreign Language?

digital vocabularyI know sometimes you probably just want to stop the conversation and say something like, "Excuse me, but I don't understand a word you are saying." But you don't because, these days, people don't ask questions. They nod and say "okay," and then change the subject... and talk about things they do know. This seems to be the situation with digital. Most people reading this did not grow up speaking digital, and while some did take digital as a second language, they still speak it with an accent.  

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Digital Advertising Haiku: Understanding Digital Terms in 17 Syllables

Digital What and WhyYou know that feeling you have on your child’s birthday… that feeling you get when you are in a panic, trying to understand the instructions that will help you assemble The Perfect Gift? That Perfect Gift that came in 100 pieces? The one your child is no longer patiently waiting to play with? You know that feeling you get when you want to throw the box against the wall and crumble up the instructions because nothing makes sense? I think that is sometimes how we approach digital and social capabilities.

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A Sales Strategy to Kick Off Your Summer!

internet marketing ebookWelcome to the official kick off to summer! After you take some time this weekend to honor those who have served our country, you might want to catch up on some of these blog posts from The Center for Sales Strategy. These are some of our favorites from the past few months. If you are interested in sales, sales management, digital, talent development or inbound marketing... there is something for you here! 

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