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The Dirtiest Four Letter Words in a Sales Organization: "Role" and "Play"

scaredWhy is that “role play” has such a bad rap? It’s as if these are the dirtiest four-letter words that a salesperson might hear, and I really don’t get it.  When did practice become a bad thing?  

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How to Monetize Twitter, Part 2: Digital Sales Strategies

Tweet This!In Part One, we talked about some mainstream uses of Twitter. And, that’s all swell, but what everyone really wants to know is  how do you MAKE MONEY with Twitter?

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How to Monetize Twitter Part 1: Digital Sales Strategies

TwitterWhen I talk to salespeople, there is a lot of resistance to using Twitter. Twitter is noise, a waste of time. You might be surprised to know... I agree! Twitter is a waste of time—until you know how to use it effectively.

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The Secret to Selling Digital Advertising

chocolate chipsEveryone has a Great Aunt Martha who safeguards her secret family recipe. She makes a special item— perhaps an out-of-this-world cookie—and brings it to every family gathering, causing relatives to rave. She goes on and on about the “secret ingredient” and years later, when the recipe is finally handed down, the family discovers there was no secret ingredient. Great Aunt Martha’s “secret” recipe was available to everyone all along: It was a recipe taken from the back of the chocolate chip package. The same is true with selling digital advertising.

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