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Weekly Roundup: 2030s Great Depression, Sales Lessons + More

2030s Great Depression


"80% of success is showing up."



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The 2030s Great Depression: You Can Prosper in the Age of Decline– The Great Game of Business

Have you found yourself talking about inflation or labor issues lately?

They were discussing these issues long before you or I started having dinner conversations about them.

However, ITR Economics' perspective isn’t the doom and gloom one might expect. The firm is adamantly teaching its clients how to prosper in what it has coined “the Age of Decline.”

But before we jump into a few of ITR's recommendations on what to do now to prepare for the future, let’s address the elephant in the room. >>> READ MORE

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International Super Spy: Selling Techniques from a Veteran Salesperson

International Super Spy

If you have kids or watch a lot of Tik-Tok, you're familiar with the Backyardigans song 'International Super Spy'.

It's a catchy little tune that will not get out of your head. As silly as the song is, it reminds us that part of your job as a salesperson is to be a spy. No, not a real spy, but one that targets prospects and does some sleuthing to uncover inside information before your first Discover meeting.

The Discover meeting is the most important meeting you will ever have with any client, ever! If improving sales performance is important, read on!

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Improving Employee Productivity In a Hybrid Workplace

Improving Employee Productivity In a Hybrid Workplace

One global pandemic, multiple lockdowns, and never-ending strains have reshaped the world the way we live, the way we socialize, and the way business is done. COVID-19 was indeed the biggest disruption to work as well as life in decades.

Productivity prior to the pandemic was a well-defined metric across companies. Some measured productivity by time, some by deliverables, some by revenue, and most by a combination of the three.

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Timely Questions That Will Improve Closing Ratios

Timely Questions That Will Improve Closing Ratios

The higher the close ratio of your sales team, the more sales you are making.

It can benefit your team and your company if you know what your close ratio is and how to increase it. Knowing where you stand and what your obstacles are is helpful when it comes to having a goal in mind.

Below are some questions that could help your team members (and you as manager) on the road to higher sales.

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9 Killer Sales Recruitment Tactics

Recruitment Strategy

It looks like it’s shaping up to be another great year for job seekers and a tough year for employers struggling to find and keep their employees. The “war for talent” rages on.

Don’t let those negative headlines get you down, though. With a good recruitment process and retention plan in place, you will be able to build a thriving team.

Today we are going to focus on the 9-steps of strong recruitment and look at how you can consistently dedicate attention in a highly structured way to achieve big results.  

It starts with setting the stage for success.

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Weekly Roundup: Considerations During Inflation, Sales Myths + More

Considerations During Inflation, Sales Myths


"Don't find fault. Find a remedy."



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3 Things to Consider During Times of Inflation– The Great Game of Business

Prices are going up. We've all noticed it, and it's maybe even got us a little panicked. So, when can we expect to see inflation start slowing down?

Well, expert economists are expecting to enter a period of disinflation and slowed growth in 2022 and 2023. In this article, we have listed ways economists are saying inflation will impact spending and business growth — something all business leaders should take a look at. >>> READ MORE

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High-Performing Sales Teams Are Cultivated, Not Hired

cultivate a high-performing sales teamThis post was originally published on Business.com.

Top sales managers don't just look for candidates when they need them they keep in contact with potential team members to build an internal pipeline of interested and engaged salespeople.

The best products and services in the world don't hold up a company if no one buys them.

Most companies depend on salespeople to bridge the gap between production and purchase. When high-performing sellers leave, sales managers scramble to fill their roles. In the ensuing chaos, they usually hire the first competent person to walk through the door.

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4 Reasons Accountability Is Missing in a Sales Team


Every relationship has ups and downs, and that includes relationships between coworkers.

The members of your sales team might be going through problems at home that can cause problems at work.

There might be conflicts with other members of the sales team.

When problems exist in other areas of life, it can affect the accountability of the whole sales team or individual team members. Either way, it's possible to remedy the situation and make accountability a priority for your team.

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Don't Do It! Stop Pitching and Start Asking!

Stop Pitching and Start Asking

Don't do it. I know you want to do it, but you can't.

Seriously!  STOP IT!

"Do what" you innocently ask?

Pitching your product or service in your first meeting with a new client.

"But…but…but," I can already hear your excuses. 

"We are SALES people!  We are supposed to SELL!" 

Technically, yes, you are "supposed" to sell, but not yet! 

Be patient.  Follow the process.  Trust the process.  We have to slow down the sales process so that we can speed up the sale!

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How Does Social Selling Fit Into the Sales Process?

How Does Social Selling Fit Into the Sales Process

While the dreaded days of cold calling may be over in the marketing world, it could be said that it merely switched mediums from the telephone to chat apps. If your idea of 'B2B marketing' is sending unsolicited DMs, is that really any different from cold calling?

While cold outreach on social media is a popular technique in our modern world, it's not exactly the most productive, nor the most fruitful. As mentioned above, it's really just cold calling in a new medium, and while your salespeople don't have to deal with slammed phones, that doesn't make it any more viable as a sales technique.

Social selling is a modern approach to marketing that's built around existing relationships, and as such, it works much better. In this article, we’re going to explore the concept of social selling, how it fits into the sales process, and how you can leverage this sales technique to help your business thrive.

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Weekly Roundup: Should Business Owners Be Raising Prices, Hiring Crisis + More

Should Business Owners Be Raising Prices


"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward."



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Should Business Owners Be Raising Their Prices Right Now?– The Great Game of Business

We asked the President of The Great Game of Business, Darin Bridges if he thinks business owners should be raising their prices right now. His response was, "hell, yes."  

Protecting Margins Now, So You Can Fund Growth Tomorrow We've always had a saying at SRC. When the economy goes down — it's not the time to be asking for price increases. You've got to do it while the economy is going up. Everybody knows costs are going up right now — they're creeping up everywhere.

You've got to be able to protect your margins to continue to fund growth, fund your people, fund the retention, and all the things necessary to see success for your business. >>> READ MORE

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There's a Huge Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting


Your sales team determines the success or failure of your operation.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but if you're like other sales managers, you don’t start looking for new sales candidates until one of your salespeople leaves the company.

By then, it’s too late. You'll have to scramble to fill the role.

This chaos will often result in you rushing to find the right person or settling for someone who is just “good enough.” These hasty hiring decisions don't solve anything. You still need a great salesperson, and the person you just hired isn't likely to be that.

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The Center for Sales Strategy Recognizes the Recent Class of Talent Superhero Winners

talent superheros-1


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4 Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

Reasons for Restructuring Your Sales Team

A new sales structure can help improve productivity. 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to go back to the drawing board. Remind yourself what your original goals were for your team.

  • What objectives did you have that still have not been accomplished or that are no longer being accomplished the way they used to be?
  • How can you fix problems and begin reaping the rewards you once had?
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Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel: Do You Know the Difference?

Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel

Often, a sales funnel and sales pipeline are confused. 

They are not the same, and both have a distinct purpose along the path to purchase. They both provide an incredible amount of intelligence when examined in part and as a whole. 

Marketers and sales leaders that collaborate closely will learn that ensuring the sales funnel and pipeline are both full, healthy, and clean defines some of the biggest indicators of revenue success. 

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Their Business IS YOUR BUSINESS. It's Customer Focused Selling!

Their Business IS YOUR BUSINESS. Its Customer Focused Selling

Just who do you think you are? Just because you “look” the part, speak the language, and have the innate ability to command attention with your good looks, winning personality, and dapper attire, doesn’t mean you have earned the right to walk through my door and ask me about my business!

We realize that might be a bit harsh, but it does set the stage for this post. Keep reading it gets better! In roughly two minutes, you’ll get some ideas to help you sharpen your sales approach.

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Selling at the Speed of Light

Selling at the Speed of Light

Our founder, Steve Marx, used to say that things should be no longer than they need to be, but also no shorter. Applying that to the sales process, it should take no longer than it needs to be effective, but also no shorter.

In the sales process, some prospects are traveling toward you; others are traveling away. It would seem that we should just pitch and close the ones that are traveling quickly toward us, right?

Steve’s advice would be that it should take no longer and no shorter than we need to accomplish our objective. In sales, that’s achieving their business objectives.

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How Optimized Internal Processes Can Boost Your Sales

How Optimized Internal Processes Can Boost Your Sales

Every company strives to maximize its sales as much as possible. To do that you need to have a strong and competent sales team and a smooth sales process.

Given the current state of the economic and financial landscape, companies are also looking for ways to cut costs. For this reason, optimizing the sales process has become even more important.

When doing so, you have to consider two major aspects. Will you do it internally or externally? If you’ve chosen the former, then continue reading.

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How To Social Sell Across These Different Platforms

How To Social Sell Across These Different Platforms

Social selling is the process of leveraging your social network to sell products or services.

In fact, 78% of social sellers outsell competitors who don't use social media. The most important thing to remember when doing social selling is that each platform is different. What works on one platform may not work on another. It’s important to understand how each platform works before trying to sell on it.

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Weekly Roundup: Create a Goal Driven Sales Environment, Protecting Margins + More

Create a Goal Driven Sales Environment


"Quality performance starts with a positive attitude."



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How to Create a Healthy and Effective Goal-Driven Sales Environment, According to Sales Leaders – HubSpot

The goal of any sales organization is, ultimately, to increase revenue.

Which means the goal of any effective sales leader is to inspire and motivate their sales team to hit, or exceed, their revenue targets.

However, a results-obsessed environment can quickly become unhealthy, particularly if your team feels the pressure to hit a certain number by any means possible.

Creating a healthy, effective goal-driven sales environment is vital for long-term success and employee satisfaction. Here, I spoke with four sales leaders to learn the five components for creating and maintaining a goal-driven sales environment.

But first — what is a goal-driven sales environment? >>> READ MORE

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