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Webinar: 8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity


LeadG2 is hosting a complimentary webinar for sales managers that will teach practical tips to arm your sales team with the tools, resources, and information they need to strengthen and shorten the sales cycle, ultimately closing more business.

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How Media Companies Can Co-Brand a Webinar and Generate More Sales Leads


“Co-branding, also called brand partnership, is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy.”

Who wants to be average? If you knew that the average webinar according to Clickmeeting.com had only 28 participants, wouldn’t you want to beat that average? (28 participants does not necessarily indicate only 28 people registered—this means that 28 people attended the webinar at the scheduled time. Many more probably registered, but those whose schedules don't allow live attendance will only watch the webinar recording.)

If getting 28 people to attend your webinar seems like a lot for the size of your company, or if you want to exceed that average number, you might want to consider some alternative methods to getting more registrants. One alternative to the common promotion techniques of social, email and advertising is to use some form of co-branding. 

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Why Webinars are Becoming Popular Lead Generation Tools


More and more, I am hearing from our clients that the single toughest thing for salespeople to do these days is to secure quality appointments. Just so we are all on the same page, a quality appointment meets the following criteria:

  • It's scheduled in advance
  • It's with the decision maker(s)
  • The main purpose of the meeting is to discover needs, get an assignment, or present ideas
Sales managers typically expect a salesperson to book between 3-8 of these per week. But most salespeople are challenged to get this many with traditional methods like cold calling and pounding the pavement. As a result, salespeople are frustrated. And when they are successful setting up an appointment, in many cases it turns out what they have done is wasted even more time, because the individual really was not interested in anything more then just getting the salesperson to stop calling. 

Having salespeople cold call for hours upon hours is not efficient—it's expensive and it's very 1990’s.

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Using Webinars to Give Your Business a Voice


Like many of you reading this, I would much rather read an email or visit a website to learn about a product or service than talk directly to a salesperson. And forget about meeting a sales representative in person. 

Nothing against salespeople—I was one myself at one time. We will truly never be able to replace salespeople in the sales process, but we need to adapt to the reality that most buyers aren't ready to talk with salespeople early in the buying journey. Yet we need to be present at the early stages of the buying journey. We need to give our marketing a real voice in order to build trust and deepen relationships that will lead to an in-person sales discussion.

It's often been said that people do business with people they know, like and trust, and I wholeheartedly agree. The challenge we have as marketers is how best to get people to know and like us and our company's products and services—and more importantly, how to trust us. 

Some of the most popular methods of communication that marketers use to help us get to know, like and trust a a company are videos, podcasts and webinars. 

Let's look at a few distinctions between videos, podcasts and webinars to see why webinars are becoming so popular.  

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