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Our Top 5 Blog Postings from May

sales strategyHere are the 5 most visited blog postings we published this month.  Have a great Friday and good luck with your planning for next week.

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Sales Strategies to Keep Your Sales Tank Full

Keep Your Sales Tank FullI wasn't expecting an epiphany.  It was just a late night stop to fill up my gas tank. As I drove away I had a certain feeling of satisfaction as I looked at the gas gauge. Maybe it's because I know if you let your car run out of gas, you'll be walking a lonely road. 

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6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!

6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!Recently, I was talking with a salesperson about his initial approach to prospective customers. He couldn’t seem to get folks interested in having a conversation with him. He was hearing the immediate brush off of “no thanks, not interested” soon into every cold call. While this is common, there are specific tactics that can warm up cold calls enough to get prospects to take your call, and even set aside time by scheduling an initial call.  My call with this particular rep was to share some of those tactics and best practices to help him experience more success during his initial approach.

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An Inbound Marketing Don’t: Paralysis by Analysis

An Inbound Marketing Don’t Paralysis by Analysis My competitive nature to be the best, along with a perfectionist, Type A personality that many marketers and sellers have – oftentimes lead me down the path of over-thinking and over-working every little detail. This meant every email had to be crafted flawlessly, and presentations would sometimes come home with me to be worked on and perfected for the following day’s meeting. I sometimes obsessed over the right words to use with a client and avoided mistakes like the plague.

Topics: digital marketing Inbound Marketing

Executive Coaching: I LOVE my Sales Manager!

I love my sales managerHow many times have you heard someone say, “I love my boss or I love my sales manager?” I would venture to guess you could probably count on one hand the number of times you’ve heard this proclamation. 

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The Immense Power of Appreciation

The Immense Power of AppreciationYou should be jealous of me this week. I received an amazing thank you card from a client for whom I had created a custom sales meeting to help launch an important project. 

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Step Up to the Spring Cleaning Challenge to Improve Sales Performance

Step Up to the Spring Cleaning ChallengeI'm a bit of a neat freak—ok, maybe more than a bit.  So I love Spring cleaning—inside the house and out.

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Digital Marketing: Five Top YouTube Video Ads You May Have Missed

Five Top YouTube Video Ads You May Have MissedOnline video shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, in fact YouTube gets more than one billion unique visitors each month who watch over four billion hours of video each month.   With those kinds of numbers,

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Going for Top Speed in Sales

Improve Sales PerformanceDo you own one of those fans, where the first speed on the dial is the top speed?  At first, this annoyed me.  But I have come to realize that this design is meant to help me make the right choice.  When you live in Florida and the heat rolls in—it's a good idea to go with more air.  

Topics: Needs Analysis sales performance Sales

Improve Sales Performance by Timing and Aligning Client Expectations

timing and aligningWe all know it's important to talk early and often about what your clients expectations are. After you identify a true client need is the time to start talking about expectations.

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Sales Strategy: Are You Getting LinkedIn, or Just Locked Out?

Are You Getting LinkedIn, or Just Locked OutA client recently asked me to provide some feedback on his LinkedIn page. With more and more attention being given to social media, and the way it can enhance an individual’s personal marketing efforts, he wanted to make sure he was “looking good.”

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Improve Your Sales Strategy with Our Top 5 Downloads

Top 5Here are the 5 most popular downloaded documents for 2013 so far. Have a great Friday and good luck with your planning for next week.

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Sales Strategy: Pain is Usually There for a Reason

Pain is usually there for a reason
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Improve Sales Performance to avoid CLICK! ZAP! TOSS!

improve your sales performanceI think you will agree with me that your success in securing appointments will be directly proportionate to how compelling your message is to your prospect.  We always recommend you develop a very strong valid business reason regardless of how you deliver it.

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Whose Need Is It, Anyway?

Sales StrategySome of the most important steps in your sales strategy should include asking the right questions and uncovering a client or prospect's true needs. Only then can you provide customized solutions.

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Management Coaching: Only Lazy Sales Managers Use Impromptu Role-Plays

Management CoachingHere's a scenario you might find familiar: “Sales of the new eFrammus haven’t been going as well as the company has forecast,” the sales manager said as he opened his regular Monday morning meeting. “So we really need to bear down on that product line and start moving more right away.” 

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