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Selling Techniques: Give Us Your Pitch!

baseballIt's not often that you will see us post someone else's work on our blog but this one we could not pass up…. our good friend Dana VanDen Heuval has written a sensational article that is certainly worth sharing. In his post, Dana says, "We’re often advised to ‘work on our elevator pitch’ for the business, yet I can’t recall ever making a purchase decision, or purchasing anything from anyone where their elevator pitch actually had an impact on me. Now, I’m not saying that having a concise and descriptive phrase to explain your business in a few seconds isn’t worth having, it absolutely is, but in a world abound with perceived commoditization around every corner, it’s critical to establish as many points of differentiation as possible to set you apart in a field of sameness."

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If Your Integrated Media Solution Doesn't Work, Whose Fault is it Anyway?

integrated campaignWhen a client does not want to renew a campaign due to lack of results, it usually comes down to a single issue: the seller did not properly set expectations prior to the campaign launch. Some of the things you will want to discuss ahead of time:

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