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Unlocking Success in Sales Succession Planning

Unlocking Success in Sales Succession Planning

Succession planning isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the cornerstone of survival. Identifying and developing future sales leaders ensures an organization's long-term health.

Remember, effective succession planning is not just about filling positions but also about fostering a culture of growth and preparedness that aligns with the company’s long-term strategy and goals. It’s a strategic process that ensures leadership continuity, preserves organizational knowledge, and contributes to overall business resilience.

Unfortunately, succession planning is also often set aside or even forgotten. Makes sense. It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and fail to put plans in place for the future when your leaders leave. But it’s a big mistake!

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Improving Sales Performance: Are You THAT Kind of Coach?

Are you THAT kind of coach

Professional athletes have coaches.

Oscar-winning actors have coaches.

Pop icons have coaches.

Wait!? Even people who have been in the business for a long time? Why do they need coaches?

That’s easy! Top performers, whether they are professional athletes, Oscar-winning actors, pop icons, or sales professionals, are not content with just being good. They strive to maintain their edge, stay on top, and climb even higher.  

Their coaches, with their unique vantage point, can see what they can’t see themselves, making their perspective incredibly valuable. This investment in their talent is what sets them apart and propels them forward.

The same can be said for your direct reports.

Coaching leads to excellence.

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Coaching for Career Development and Retention of Top Talent

Coaching for Career Development and Retention of Top Talent

It’s a fact that everyone wants the “best of the best” talent at their organization. Much attention, effort, and investment of significant time and money is given to finding and recruiting high performers.

Sadly, what often follows is the common scenario in which business leaders hire people they believe in and then sit back to see what they can do. However, growing and retaining strong talent requires leaders who can develop their people, not just manage them.

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Discover the Value of Coaching Salespeople Using the Following Five Athletes as Examples

Discover the Value of Coaching Salespeople Using the Following Five Athletes as Examples  (1)

Your salespeople are more like athletes. They are always in a constant struggle to outperform rivals and meet set goals. Salespeople, just like athletes, encounter setbacks like pressure to perform and rejection in their day-to-day work.

Given the similarities, a sales team can benefit from coaching the same way athletes do. For salespersons, coaching can help refine critical skills like negotiation, communication, confidence, and decision-making.

Discover how coaching helped transform average athletes into super-talented individuals so you understand the value of coaching.

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You Can’t Coach from the Locker Room: 5 Ways to Boost Sales Productivity in the Field

You Can’t Coach from the Locker Room

Saban, Belichick, and Landy didn't sit in the locker room during games. How would they lead their team, make decisions, or make adjustments? They couldn't. They had to be on the field to coach their players.

Why do you think you can coach your salespeople from your office? You can't. Get in the field with your salespeople...NOW!!

So grab your clipboard, slap on your sunblock (because we’re going out there!), and let’s get our coaching game on.

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Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Nurturing a Positive Sales Leader-Salesperson Dynamic

Think for a minute about the very best leader you ever had. Then, think about the worst.

Likely, you have definite feelings on both. How did you feel when you moved on from the job with that very best leader?

You probably had second thoughts and wondered if you could have made that position work for you despite changing circumstances.

What about that worst manager? You probably walked away without a backward glance, relieved to never see them again.

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Distinguishing Between Coaching and Managing (And Why It Matters)

Distinguishing Between Coaching and Managing

Depending on the organization, the person leading a sales team may be called a manager, a leader, or a coach.

For many people leading a team and for their team members, the name doesn’t matter because the job description is the same. They are the person responsible for guiding their team toward hitting their sales goals.

But the difference between managing and coaching has become a hot-button issue. Why? Because Gen Z cares, and they are set to become the dominant group in the work force by 2025.

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3 Reasons Sales Coaching is a Game Changer

3 Reasons Sales Coaching is a Game Changer

A great coach can impact the outcome of a game more than any player. This is why we revere great coaches like Belichek, Walsh, and Landry. Their greatness stems from their ability to transfer knowledge beyond themselves by inspiring their players to become more than the sum of their parts! 

As the sales leader in your organization, you are the coach of a high-performance sports team. Your job is not writing up plays, sitting back in the coach's box, and watching the game. Your job is to be on the field observing and helping your players be the best that they can be. Coaching is the cornerstone to achieving this.

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Here’s What Effective Sales Coaching Looks Like Today

Here’s What Effective Sales Coaching Looks Like Today

As a sales manager, you understand the benefits of sales coaching. Not only does it help your sales reps close more deals, but it also improves communication, builds confidence, and enhances teamwork.

With so many different coaching styles and techniques, how do you know what's effective in today's fast-paced, ever-evolving sales environment? Here's what effective sales coaching looks like today and how to implement it in your sales organization.

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How to Set the Right Expectations When Coaching Salespeople

How to Set the Right Expectations When Coaching Salespeople

You may not realize it, but you are setting expectations all the time. You set expectations in everything you do and in everything you don’t do.

It’s an amazing power to have. As a leader, you can have a positive impact on the lives of each person you manage based on the expectations you set for them.

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