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If Your Sale Has Stalled, Use This Magical B2B Sales Tool.

sales strategyOkay, so we’re all moving very quickly.  I get that.  You get busy, decide to cut a couple corners, and maybe skip a piece of paperwork here and there.

That’s okay. On no planet does any of our client's salespeople use every tool The Center for Sales Strategy offers, every day.  

But, if an important sale has stalled part way through the process and you can’t figure out why… there is one resource that can help you figure out what happened, and get the process back on track.  (Or shall I say, “Get the commission closer to your pocket.”)

Fill out the Target Account Progress Tracker. It’s that simple. 

If you went too fast through one step in the sales process, or if you overlooked a step, this form can help you find it and fix it, fast. Don’t think of it as paperwork. Consider it an almost magical diagnostic tool that can help you find any b2b sales obstacles that stand between you… and moving this sale (your income) forward. It just happens to be on a piece of paper.

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