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These 3 Things Will Derail Your Goals

10_Message_Goals_in_Two_Paragraphs_Can_You_Do_ItThis was another great week in terms of engaging content. We found a lot that made us think.

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. 3 things that'll derail your goals {Inc.}

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they're mostly internal. Sure, the third thing is external, but if you read closely, it's actually how you react to external forces.

2. 51(!) productivity tips for startups {AlleyWatch}

These range from the obvious (email is a beast, don't let it rule your life) to the not-so-obvious (never accept vague goals) to the downright clever (focus on vice presidents when looking for an intro).

3. Auto dealers aren't great at social media {Marketing Mind}

You can help them get better. In fact, they need the assistance of someone who is great at social media.

4. Idealism is the best realism, according to Viktor Frankl {Brain Pickings}

This is a video of a beautiful speech Frankl gave about believing in each other and focusing on hope rather than cynicism. It's well worth the time.

5. Marketer's #1 strategy is focusing on pain points {Marketing Charts}

I read this on Monday, and have implemented it six times already this week. Things happen. They do not happen to you. This is an excellent read.

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