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6 Sales Practices to Boost Your Effectiveness in 2017


You've worked hard in 2016, built up your sales funnel, but 2017 is really going to be your year to shine. Perhaps you would like to get more high-quality appointments or try new prospecting strategies. The comfort zone is certainly a relaxing space, but nothing grows there. It's time to step outside and achieve your sales targets. Here's how.

1. Start With Patience

You're probably wondering why this is listed as the first step to sales success. In order to make money, you must take action immediately, right? Yes and no. Here's what I mean. Salespeople have to be professionally persistent, and that requires patience. Patience does not mean you just sit back and wait. It means you look at the big picture and engage in the long game. You persist, professionally, as long as it takes to win over your dream client.

2. Practice Discipline

Getting to sales success requires repetitive actions that aren't always exciting. Sure, the wining and dining is enjoyable, but it takes more than that. You can't go from being a stranger to closing a deal in the same day.

This is why you need discipline to make your phone calls, follow up, be available for questions, share relevant content, prepare your presentations, and so on. Most of what takes place in sales is a routine discipline of prospecting, nurturing and following up. Without those practices, you will never reach your dream client. 

3. Focus On Others

In order to become a successful salesperson, you need to stop talking so much about yourself and your solution. Instead, spend more time listening and getting a better understanding of your clients needs. It takes real skill to listen effectively, but the insight you gain with be invaluable when the time comes to craft your proposal.  

4. Write and Send Handwritten Notes 

Handwritten notes are beginning to become a lost art. If you've every received a card in the mail—with actual handwriting, not printed text—you probably felt really special. Who has time to write anything when they can send a quick email or LinkedIn message? As a result, you can be assured you will be remembered by your prospects and clients. Thank prospects for giving you an opportunity. Thank clients for their business.  

5. Keep Your Head Up 

You'll easily give up if you allow yourself to get caught up in negativity. If you feel that you're getting nowhere with your phone calls and LinkedIn outreach, then you won't have any motivation to keep going. Stay optimistic. You can't predict the future, but you won't know what will happen if you don't try. As stated by Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure or with no loss of enthusiasm.” In order to succeed in sales, you must think positively. 

6. Have Confidence

In sales, you are going to have to persuade people that your solution is the best one to solve their needs. Do you think they will believe you if your voice falters or you appear nervous and anxious? Not at all. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Imagine you are the most confident person in the world. How would you speak? How would you carry yourself? How would you interact with others? If you convey a lack of confidence, the prospect will think you do not believe in your company.

Are you ready to follow the above tips to make 2017 your most successful year to date? This is the year to exceed your goal!

Katrina Manning is a published author and content marketing writer for Zintel. Over the past eight years, she has written thousands of articles in the business, tech and lifestyle genres. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, experimenting with new recipes, traveling, playing with her cat and looking at Instagram pics. Follow her on twitter @kcinnaroll.

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