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For example, today’s issue explains how some insurance companies are beginning to target consumers, rather than employers. Of course that means you could be selling to healthcare providers who would now like to establish a relationship directly with consumers.  


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Reading The Marketing Mind blog will connect you with that New York Times story and invites you to consider the opportunities this move might represent for healthcare providers. Click here to see that story.

Another post from today’s Marketing Mind blog puts the end of Saturday mail delivery into context for marketers who may be reliant on the USPS for weekend delivery of their sale flyers. These companies are likely to be on the hunt for alternatives, and you might have some ideas. Click here to see that story.

Earlier this week, we posted a story about the way consumers are migrating back to restaurants, and taking a greater share of their food dollar out of the grocery store. Could such a story help you sell to supermarkets to defend their share of the food budget?  Could it help you sell to restaurants that would like to regain share they lost during the economic downturn of 2007-2009?  Click here to see that story.



The Marketing Mind blog is now publishing, on average, more than thirty articles per month. It is timely, written to the small business owner/marketer/manager, and therefore very easy to share. Are you taking advantage?

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