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Eight Ways you Are Awesome

8_ways_you_are_awesome_(and_how_to_take_advantage_of_your_awesomeness)Think of the thousands upon thousands of sales associates out there; those you compete with directly, as well as those who sell in a product or service category outside your own.

And you want the prospect to meet with… you. 

How to Take Advantage of your Awesomeness

Seems like a daunting request to justify, especially when dozens of those other sellers are clamoring for the appointment you want. Placed in that context, it is easy to understand why—just like any other product or service—it is important that your brand stands out in comparison to the other alternatives. So let’s think of a few ways you’re special (just for starters):

  1. How many years experience do you have solving problems for your other clients? 

  2. Where did you receive your education or otherwise build the foundation of your career?

  3. Since finishing your formal education, what kind of continuing education, seminars or workshops, or professional conferences have you attended?

  4. Do you have other clients who will vouch for you, and briefly explain how you’ve helped their organization? (Lots of people claim to have happy customers; you should demonstrate that you have them!)

  5. What kinds of industry or trade organizations do you belong to?

  6. What kinds of community groups or non-profit organizations do you serve?

  7. How long have you been with your current company? 

  8. What other positions have you held that helped build your expertise and problem-solving capability?

If you can answer these questions, congratulations: You’re about 90% done updating your Personal Marketing Resume. Is there a reason you wouldn’t finish it up, and share it, via letter, email, LinkedIn, and through other means?

Isn’t it great to wrap up one year and start the next by considering how awesome you are?

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