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I Am a Rockstar Salesperson Because . . .


Recently I was having a conversation with a client about what “ROCKSTAR” salespeople do day in and day out. The type of things that really separate them from the rest. As we were talking, I was reminded of all the different versions of the "I am" commercials I have seen over the years and thought it would be fun to do one for salespeople…

I am a ROCKSTAR sales person because I….

  • Do what I say I will do, you can count on it! Take it to the bank!
  • Love to have fun but defines fun as getting results for clients and crushing my budgets and goals.
  • Set personal goals much higher than anything my company could ever set for me.
  • Am prepared and ready to go. I don't wing anything. I practice, practice, practice.
  • Research my client's business so I don’t waste their time or mine. I show my clients I care because I put in the work in advance.
  • Embrace technology and resources to improve my business.
  • Provide detailed and timely follow up both with my clients / prospects and with my internal colleagues.
  • Will out work all my competition and for that matter all my colleagues.
  • Look for ways to go with a proven solution, the kind that provides the best ROI for customers.
  • Follow the industry trends to ensure I know what solutions are working for my customers.
  • Will get in before 8 am and work past 6 pm. Not for recognition but because that’s what makes me, me.
  • Care about my clients and the results they get.
  • Do the right thing. PERIOD! Even when no one is looking.
  • Don't get bogged down with negativity. I love change and embrace it as new opportunity.
  • Am obsessed with winning. Winning for my clients, winning for my company, winning for me. I show up not because there is participation prize, but rather I show up to win.
  • Move things forwards with the right amount of speed and grace.
  • Follow a process and am critical of myself and constantly looking for ways to improve on that process.

I am that sales rep that might be hard to find but I’m worth it.

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.